SEO for EV Charging Stations

How To Maximize Your EV Charging Company’s Revenue

The need for EV Charging Stations has continuously grown for the last decade. More and more drivers pick for electrical cars and that’s where search and SEO for EV charging stations can help your brand grow.

As technological advancements continue to occur, we shift closer and closer to the digital setup. Among those emerging trends are electric vehicles, and that opens up an array of business opportunities in the market. One of those opportunities is the electric charging companies are proving to be highly profitable.

But, on the other hand, it can still be maximized with the proper marketing tools. Since electric vehicles are still considered to be new, not a lot knows the ways around them and includes in that is where they xcan charge their electric vehicles when they are on the road. With that said, this article will discuss the different ways you can market your EV charging company to maximize its profitability.


The Profit Potential

As previously mentioned, the emergence of electric vehicles has opened new business opportunities such as EV charging companies. Because this market is relatively new, knowledge about it is unknown to most why marketing should be optimized. One of the things that you can do is partner up with public governance.

Apart from setting up your EV charging station, it would also be good to partner with public governance to disseminate more of your services. On the other hand, this may bring you less profit because public EV charging stations are free. In order to infiltrate the market more, your electric vehicle charging company can focus on optimizing digital marketing.

Digital Marketing for EV Charging Stations

As previously stated, we are shifting closer and closer to the digital setup, and we should learn how to utilize that. It is safe to assume that those who choose to use electric vehicles are tech-savvy, which is your target market. With that being said, it would make sense to market your electric vehicle charging company on platforms that your target market uses.

You need to make use of online articles, social media posts, sponsorships on influencers, targeted ads, GPS tracking, and everything alike. Optimizing your digital marketing is the key to maximizing the profit of your company, and the essential platform you could use is Google.

Google Optimization and SEO for EV Charging Stations

Google is the largest searching platform with over one billion users every single day. Google is the first app that everyone opens whenever they have a question in mind. The chances of those looking for electric vehicle charging stations opening google while they are on the road is extremely high.

In addition to the number of users, Google has various marketing tools that could significantly contribute to the growth of your company. Moreover, it is easy to navigate through, which is a crucial factor since this is how you will be monitoring your progress. With Google as your digital marketing tool, you can run targeted ads on a major search platform, be integrated into their apps for customer accessibility, and improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO for EV Charging Stations is exactly that. Optimize the location of each of your charging stations to become the top choice for drivers to choose your service over other stations.


Google Ads for EV Charging Stations

Running your targeted ads through google is probably the best marketing investment you could make. You may have noticed that whenever you search on Google, the first few results are targeted ads and more often than not, it is precisely what you are looking for. ]

That is precisely the advantage that google ads give to your electric vehicle charging company. If you run targeted ads through google, your services will be shown first to whoever searches for an electric vehicle charging company. This alone would instantly boost your marketing by spreading the word out about your business, and it is a guarantee to bring in more profit. With google ads, you can also monitor the activity that comes with it. This information is easily viewable through the analytics of the ads.

Google Maps & Local SEO for EV Charging Stations


Similar to Google ads, advertising through google maps is immensely beneficial. Most especially to electric vehicle charging companies because you will need to provide your target customers with a guide on how to find your charging stations. The first thing you can do to market through google maps enable the location services on your google ads so that the people who see your ads automatically know where to find you. It would also be helpful to run targeted ads with all the various spots of your stations involved.

Through this, google maps will be able to pinpoint which station is the nearest to where your customer is searching from. In addition to that, google maps will be able to provide your customers with approximately how long it will take them to get there and how far they would drive.

Search Engine Optimization Content for EV Charging Stations

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for EV Charging stations can be translated into content. Articles are crucial factors in establishing the reputation of your electric charging vehicle company. In order to improve your articles, you need to repeatedly use EV keywords so that your company will show up on google search results. In an SEO for EV, you must create unique titles to capture the attention of your target market.

You must also provide meta descriptions and external links to optimize your articles more and have greater visibility in google. You should also use headings and emphasize texts that you want your target customers to pay attention to. Examples of these texts could be the convenience of your EV charging company and the affordability of your prices. You will basically highlight all the qualities your target market is looking for.

Best SEO Keywords for EV Charging Stations

To continue the success of our very popular blog “best keywords for auto repair“, let’s dig into the best keywords for EV charging stations.

Keyword Avg. Monthly Search Volume
EV charging stations near me 22,200 searches/mo (Nationwide)
EV charging stations map 5,400 searches/mo (Nationwide)
Free EV charging stations near me 5,300 searches/mo (Nationwide)
EV charging stations cost 2,400 searches/mo (Nationwide)
EV charging stations companies 1,900 searches/mo (Nationwide)

EV charging stations near me keywords have shown amazing growth as you can see in this graph. This is well-established brand we have noticed in search trends for the automotive industry and is crucial that your company optimizes for it.

seo keywords for ev charging stations

Key Takeaway

Technological advancements brought us to electric vehicles, which then opened up the market for various business opportunities, and among those are the EV charging companies.

On the other hand, the details and processes of electric vehicles are not widely known since they are relatively new. In order to maximize the profitability of an EV charging company, digital marketing should be optimized and the best platform to use is google because of the number of users it has and the ease of navigation. With Google, EV charging companies can run targeted ads on a prominent search platform, be integrated into their apps for customer accessibility, and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

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Best Keywords For Your Auto Repair Shops

101 Best Keywords For All Auto Repair Shops

How People Search for Auto Repair Keywords  Near Them

In order for you to find the best auto repair keywords to use, it’ll be beneficial to understand how prospects are searching for you. Depending on what customers’ needs are, they tend to narrow down their searches to the problem or service they need + the name of the city where they are located.

Let’s think about “Joe” who lives in Austin, TX. Joe was involved in a collision and his 2019 Toyota Camry was damaged. He’s done with the insurance process and he’s ready to find a shop to fix the body issues. Joe will start his searches around “body repair shop near me” or “body repair shop in Austin TX”. The question to ask yourself is, are you on the top 3 of Joe’s options for him to pick your shop? If not, then this blog is perfect for you!

How to navigate this massive list? Here’s quick access to find what you’re looking for!


Auto Repair Near Me Keywords

Through extensive research and market analysis, we have noticed a big change in how consumers search for auto repair keywords related to auto repair services. For example, for the last 5 years the growth of “auto repair near me” has exponentially grown compared to “auto repair shop” which has stayed consistent during the same timeframe. Similarly, this has affected many different types of auto shops which you can see in our auto repair market analysis.


auto repair near me vs auto repair shop search trends

So let’s analyze what will be the best auto repair keywords for you!

Auto Repair Keywords vs Mechanic Shop Keywords Nationwide


Certainly, auto repair keywords and mechanic keywords will be very similar to one another. However, let’s analyze how people think and search across the US when they need auto services.

Auto Repair Keywords Avg. Search Volume per Month
auto repair near me 246,000/mo
auto repair shop near me 74,000/mo
cheap auto repair shops near me 2,400/mo
car repair shops near me 27,100/mo
auto repair services 1,600/mo

Mechanic Keywords Avg. Search Volume per Month
mechanic shop near me 90,500/mo
car mechanic near me 40,500/mo
auto mechanic near me 60,500/mo
auto mechanic shops near me 6,600/mo
find a mechanic near me 880/mo

Just glancing at this list, “auto repair near me” is the winner… I mean, 246,000 searches per month in the country is far ahead of “mechanic shop near me” at 90,500 searches per month.

That doesn’t mean you have to pick one over the other; you can optimize for both. But understanding how people think nationwide will help us to drill down into a local level in your market.

Local Keyword Ideas for Auto Repair Shops

Now that we understand how people search at a national level, let’s analyze how people search for auto shops in different cities across the country. This will help you identify the best keywords to use for your city.

Los Angeles Keywords Avg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Los Angeles 210/mo
auto repair shop Los Angeles 140/mo
mechanic Los Angeles 170/mo
mechanic shop Los Angeles 30/mo
car repair Los Angeles 70/mo

Houston Keywords Avg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Houston 480/mo
auto repair shop Houston 110/mo
mechanic Houston 320/mo
mechanic shop Houston 0/mo
car repair Houston 170/mo

Phoenix Keywords Avg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Phoenix 590/mo
auto repair shop Phoenix 90/mo
mechanic Phoenix 170/mo
mechanic shop Phoenix 0/mo
car repair Phoenix 0/mo

Chicago Keywords Avg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Chicago 880/mo
auto repair shop Chicago 210/mo
mechanic Chicago 210/mo
mechanic shop Chicago 0/mo
car repair Chicago 0/mo

San Diego Keywords Avg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair San Diego 480/mo
auto repair shop San Diego 90/mo
mechanic San Diego 320/mo
mechanic shop San Diego 10/mo
car repair San Diego 110/mo

As you can see, each city’s search behavior varies greatly on the number of people using “mechanic” keywords. However, for all the cities we analyzed above, “auto repair” + CITY has the most searches of all the keywords on this list. That means that if your shop were to be a general auto repair center your primary keyword could be “auto repair + YOUR CITY”. From our small test, this would get the most impressions of all on our list.

That applies if your shop is general repairs, but what happens if your shop is specialized in one area? Let’s break down the different verticals of auto repairs and figure out what keywords can help your shop the most.

Repair Keywords for Brake Shops SEO

When a prospect’s car is experiencing grinding, squeaking brakes or your steering wheel is shaking (at faster speeds) and your brake pedal feels spongy, it’ll be time for them to consult with an auto brake shop. As you know, brake shops offer inspection of brake components, the resurfacing of brake rotors or drums, the removal of brake fluid contaminants and air (bleeding the lines), and the installation of brake calipers and wheel cylinders.

But how are people searching for these services?

Let’s figure out what are the most used keywords for brake shops.

Keywords for Brake Shops Avg. Monthly Search Volume
brake shop 18,100/mo (Nationwide)
brake shops near me 22,200/mo (Nationwide)
brake repair shops near me 3,600/mo (Nationwide)
cheap brake service near me 2,900/mo (Nationwide)
brake services near me 18,100/mo (Nationwide)
brake service cost 2,400/mo (Nationwide)
brake pad replacement near me 3,600/mo (Nationwide)

We clearly have a winner, again, the “near me” version of the keyword. With 22k searches per month, most people in the US search for “brake shops near me”.


SEO Keywords for Auto AC Repair Shop

Although seasonal, summer tends to spike the searches around auto ac repair shops in the US. Think about it, people can’t stand driving a car with a 90-100+ degree weather with no ac and the windows rolled down. It’s the worst! When that happens, these are the keywords they are likely to use to find you.

Keywords for AC Repair Avg. Monthly Search Volume
auto ac repair near me 14,800/mo (Nationwide)
auto ac repair 8,100/mo (Nationwide)
auto air conditioner repair near m 4,400/mo (Nationwide)
car ac repair shop near me 1,900/mo (Nationwide)
auto air conditioning service near me 2,400/mo (Nationwide)
automotive ac repair near me 1,600/mo (Nationwide)
car a/c service near me 2,400/mo (Nationwide)

You’re probably seeing the trend that I’ve been taking all along this post; near me wins again! “Auto ac repair near me” is the clear winner with more than 14k searches per month in the US. This is just an annual average; we know winter won’t have anywhere close to that number of searches, which means summer could show 2x times more searches than the average shows.


SEO Keywords for Transmission Shops

When it comes to all things transmission shops, whether that is repairs, maintenance, re-do, etc… people will look for a transmission shops. Let’s take a look at how those searches are happening nationwide.

Keywords for Transmission Shops Avg. Monthly Search Volume
transmission shops 74,000/mo (Nationwide)
transmission shops near me 60,500/mo (Nationwide)
transmission repair near me 22,200/mo (Nationwide)
transmission repair shops near me 2,900/mo (Nationwide)
transmission shops near my location 1,000/mo (Nationwide)

At first glance, it looks like for this type of auto shop the trend didn’t apply. The keyword without near me “transmission shops” shows 74k searches vs 60k when adding “near me”. However, I later found a different keyword that might spice things up. “Transmission repair near me” is technically searching for the same thing, but instead of looking for a specific shop, is looking for the service itself. If we count both near me keywords together (60K + 22k) “near me” keywords win again.


SEO Keywords for Auto Collision Repair and Body Shop Keywords

Accidents happen every day and most drivers will likely seek for help to get their cars fixed. Let’s look at the possible keywords they are using to find collision repair shops.

Keywords for Collision and Body Shops Avg. Monthly Search Volume
collision shops 5,400/mo (Nationwide)
collision repair near me 40,500/mo (Nationwide)
body shop near me 201,000/mo (Nationwide)
auto body repair near me 27,000/mo (Nationwide)
auto body shop 110,000/mo (Nationwide)
auto body shops near me 135,000/mo (Nationwide)
car body shops near me 18,000/mo (Nationwide)
auto body collision repair near me 1,600/mo (Nationwide)

Let’s analyze this table further. Stating the obvious, near me searches win again on both cases with collision and body shop keywords. However, further analysis is needed because this is the perfect example where you could pick keywords you feel right for your business but might not align with how most people search for your services. This exercise started as “collision” but during the research we found that a greater number of people search for this service as “body shop” instead of “collision shop”. That is a good insight for you to focus on body shop keywords knowing how big the difference is compared to collision.


SEO Keywords for a Car Electrical Repair Shop

Changing gears and analyzing how people search for electrical shop might be interested. It’s a wide range of components that are electrical, so let’s take a look at how people search for this service.

Keywords for Car Electrical Shop Avg. Monthly Search Volume
auto electrical near me 6,600/mo (Nationwide)
auto electric near me 3,600/mo (Nationwide)
auto electric shop 1,900/mo (Nationwide)
auto electrical shop near me 1,300/mo (Nationwide)
car electrical repair shops near me 2,400/mo (Nationwide)
car wiring specialist near me 590/mo (Nationwide)
mobile auto electrical repair near me 720/mo (Nationwide)
automotive electrical repair near me 1,300/mo (Nationwide)

There you have it, another specialty shop and near me wins again.


SEO Keywords for Junkyards

Keywords for Junkyards Avg. Monthly Search Volume
junkyards near me 450,000/mo (Nationwide)
junkyards 368,000/mo (Nationwide)
salvage yards near me 165,000/mo (Nationwide)
scrap yards near me 135,000/mo (Nationwide)
auto salvage yards near me 27,000/mo (Nationwide)
car junkyards 22,000/mo (Nationwide)
auto junkyards near me 6,600/mo (Nationwide)
junkyards near me that sell parts 3,600/mo (Nationwide)
junkyards near me that sell car parts 1,600/mo (Nationwide)


We can help your auto shop!

Woobound Automotive specializes in digital marketing for auto repair shops. Our team has years of experience helping shops like yours, grow and get more customers. Let’s chat and see how we can help you, too.

The bottom line is that optimizing for near me is a big deal. We have proven throughout this article that people want to local places that are close to them. They like quick and easy. Make sure you’re adding these keywords to your strategy and to your keyword ranking tracker to monitor closely. You can also check our search market trends analysis for the automotive industry to learn more about how these keywords perform in search.

At Woobound Automotive, we specialize in digital marketing and SEO for Auto Repair. We know what keywords work, how to optimize to rank for them, and we understand you well. If you need help to take the next step, contact us today!

auto ac repair near me search trends

Auto Repair Shop Search Trends Market Analysis

Auto Repair Shop vs Auto Repair Near Me

For the last 5 years, we have seen a complete industry behavior take over from the searches around “auto repair near me” vs. a more traditional search like “auto repair shop”. Our team specializes in “Near Me Positioning” which is why all our clients are optimized properly to capitalize on near me search trends like this one.

auto repair near me vs auto repair shop search trends

Winning Keyword: Auto Repair Near Me.

Source: Google Trends

Mechanic Near Me vs Mechanic Shop

When looking at a 5-year timeframe, “mechanic near me” has exponentially grown and taken over most of the searches compared to “mechanic shop”. This is why all our clients are optimized properly to capitalize on near me search trends like this one.

mechanic shop vs mechanic near me search trends

Winning Keyword: Mechanic Near Me

Source: Google Trends

The Growth of Tire Shop Near Me Searches

When analyzing “tire shop near me” proves our concept. The growth is exponential year after year and is a great opportunity for local tire shops to optimize for near me searches.

The Growth of Tire Shop Near Me Searches

Source: Google Trends

Brake Shop Near Me Search Trends

Although the growth of “brake shop near me” is not as exponential as other trends, we still recognize a growing trend. Customers seem to be adopting this term at a slower pace but continue to grow.

brake shop near me search trends

Source: Google Trends

Auto AC Repair Search Trends

Interesting comparison at hand. When it comes to “Auto AC Repair” we have noticed that the traditional search is still ahead in search volume. However, “auto AC repair near me” has grown year over year, and it’s on track to surpass the traditional query in 2021.

Winner: Auto AC Repair

auto ac repair near me search trends

Source: Google Trends

Body Shop Near Me Search Trends

“Body shop” searches are another exciting opportunity if your shop focuses on body repairs. As you see on this graph, this trend has shown constant growth over the last 5 years. Although still far from the traditional “body shop”, this still shows a good opportunity to capitalize on.

body shop near me search trends

Source: Google Trends

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