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auto ac repair near me search trends

Auto Repair Shop Search Trends Market Analysis

Auto Repair Shop vs Auto Repair Near Me

For the last 5 years, we have seen a complete industry behavior take over from the searches around “auto repair near me” vs. a more traditional search like “auto repair shop”. Our team specializes in “Near Me Positioning” which is why all our clients are optimized properly to capitalize on near me search trends like this one.

auto repair near me vs auto repair shop search trends

Winning Keyword: Auto Repair Near Me.

Source: Google Trends

Mechanic Near Me vs Mechanic Shop

When looking at a 5-year timeframe, “mechanic near me” has exponentially grown and taken over most of the searches compared to “mechanic shop”. This is why all our clients are optimized properly to capitalize on near me search trends like this one.

mechanic shop vs mechanic near me search trends

Winning Keyword: Mechanic Near Me

Source: Google Trends

The Growth of Tire Shop Near Me Searches

When analyzing “tire shop near me” proves our concept. The growth is exponential year after year and is a great opportunity for local tire shops to optimize for near me searches.

The Growth of Tire Shop Near Me Searches

Source: Google Trends

Brake Shop Near Me Search Trends

Although the growth of “brake shop near me” is not as exponential as other trends, we still recognize a growing trend. Customers seem to be adopting this term at a slower pace but continue to grow.

brake shop near me search trends

Source: Google Trends

Auto AC Repair Search Trends

Interesting comparison at hand. When it comes to “Auto AC Repair” we have noticed that the traditional search is still ahead in search volume. However, “auto AC repair near me” has grown year over year, and it’s on track to surpass the traditional query in 2021.

Winner: Auto AC Repair

auto ac repair near me search trends

Source: Google Trends

Body Shop Near Me Search Trends

“Body shop” searches are another exciting opportunity if your shop focuses on body repairs. As you see on this graph, this trend has shown constant growth over the last 5 years. Although still far from the traditional “body shop”, this still shows a good opportunity to capitalize on.

body shop near me search trends

Source: Google Trends

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10 Tips on How to Market an Auto Repair Business

Many entrepreneurs try to capitalize in the automotive world because the ever-growing market is quite promising. However, the problem that many repair shop owners often face is how to promote a car repair shop to grow. Below we share 10 tips on how to market an auto repair business.

how to market an auto repair business

1. Market Your Shop on Social Networks

A good way to attract new customers and increase the car count in your shop is through social media strategies. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram can help disseminate information, allowing more people to know about your shop. The reach of this type of platform is staggering and continues to grow as we speak.

In addition, social networks also provide customer relationship options. Through social pages (both Facebook and Instagram), it is possible to deliver informative material, publicize promotions and other types of content. This is also a great tool to get feedback from your customers to improve any possible issues.

website example to market a repair shop

2. Use a Website to Promote Your Repair Shop

Even with the advancement of social networks like Facebook, the website is still the place where your company can show its essence. Social networks do not give you autonomy over layouts, page flows, among other navigation features.

On the website, you avail to the user what you want and in the way you want. The layout, buttons, content, everything is done as you want, without anyone’s interference.

You should put together a site that explains your services, provides compelling content, and delivers some value to readers. This will make your customers gain interest in the services you provide.

paid google search ads examples

3. Paid Google Search Ads

By leveraging paid tactics like Google ads your auto repair business will appear at the top of google search results very fast. Google ads can be a great tactic on your marketing strategy because when a customer’s vehicle breaks down, he or she is likely to use Google to find the nearest auto shop to get help.

By searching for keywords such as “mechanic near me”, they will be able to see your ads which will direct them to visit your website, which will display the services you offer.

start a youtube channel to promote a repair shop

4. Start a YouTube Channel

By using YouTube, it is possible to convey an image of credibility by delivering information to your customers. The videos of the services you offer can be made available on a YouTube channel.

The cool thing about using YouTube as part of your strategy is that it creates engagement between your brand and your prospect. The customer can take a sneak peek at how services are done at your shop and better understand who they are hiring to fix their car. This engaging relationship with your customer makes it possible to drive more cars into your shop.

Another great advantage of using YouTube videos for your repair shop is the credibility that the video builds. The knowledge and experience of your professional team will be featured front and center. This way, your prospects can feel confident about the team taking care of their vehicle.

Leverage Local SEO

5. Leverage Local SEO

Who am I kidding? Local SEO for auto repair shops is probably my favorite tip on this list. By investing in local SEO, you will be able to improve your online visibility when prospects search for services you offer. The more clients that can find you the more cars you will have driving into your shop.

Let’s say your repair shop focuses on body repairs. You can optimize your website, GMB, and local directories towards “body shop” keywords. The goal of your local SEO is that when someone searches for a body shop online you show up in the top 3 spots.

start a blog to promote auto repair shop

6. Start an Auto Repair Blog

A repair shop can also use a Blog to your advantage by posting relevant content that customers can read when their cars are in good condition. The goal is for the customer to remember your shop regularly and visit you in case of an automobile breakdown.

Use your Blog to provide specific advice, do’s and don’ts of maintenance, maintenance schedules, and much more. Blog posts only cost you 30 minutes of your time to write or you can always outsource it for $30-$50 by hiring a freelancer. But trust me, the time you invest has a very good rate of return. This is also an important tool that will help you attract more customers to your auto repair business.

7. Promote Transparent Pricing

To drive more cars into your shop, your prices need to be competitive in your area. As you know, it’s better to make a smaller profit and focus on a high volume of cars instead of trying to make all your profit on a single customer.

With competitive prices, you will certainly win new customers and also bring customers back. If your prices are too high for a single job, you’ll have a hard time retaining that customer and it can affect your reputation.

You are in business to make a profit. Your prices should always cover the costs of the job plus a profit margin on top. However, make it easy and transparent to customers to understand your pricing ranges on different services. This way, the customer will be satisfied and will feel confident when visiting your shop for future repairs/

When your prices are exesive and unclear, the customer tends to feel unpleasant and they start sharing their bad experience. On top of losing the customer, it is even possible that he may even post complaints online as negative reviews that may affect your online reputation.

setting auto repair shop calendar reminders

8. Setting service Reminders

Every vehicle has maintenance schedules that customers will want to maintain in order to keep a car in good mechanical conditions. A shop that can send reminders of their maintenance schedule offers a valuable service to its customers as they can better maintain the car. And you are also ensuring that that customer returns to the shop regularly.

This can be done with a simple mix of technology. If you want to do it manually, you can use Google Calendar and record each scheduled maintenance date with alerts so that an email can be sent. This is a simple way to do it that costs nothing.

9. Launch an Email Newsletter

The newsletter is an excellent tool to maintain constant communication with clients and prospects. With a little discipline, you can ask for the email addresses of all your shop customers and invite them to subscribe to the newsletter.

Periodically you can send them an email with a summary of the information you published on the Blog and possibly some promotions and offers for clients. With this newsletter, you keep yourself in the minds of your customers and prevent them from choosing another workshop for their repairs in a moment of need.

10. Text Notifications

Text message notifications are a very easy way to communicate with your customers. They are especially powerful for notifications that require customer action.

For example, when their car is ready. Both SMS and WhatsApp are easy to respond to and allow you to write communications with the customer. SMS typically has a very low cost that provides a very high return on your investment. You can earn your customers’ trust through open communication which may translate into more sales for your shop.

It is possible to increase the car count in your repair shop and boost your sales using simple techniques as we showed on this blog. By implementing these marketing tips you can certainly promote an auto repair business that can set your shop for success.

social media for auto dealerships

Is It Worth Doing Digital Marketing for Auto Dealers?

If you’re wondering whether auto dealer marketing in the digital space is worth it, the short answer is yes. While this might seem obvious for most people, sometimes it’s difficult for traditional local businesses to benefit from this new technology.

The fact is that digital marketing for dealers is one of the most important aspects of getting sales, if not the most important. There are various tools with each platform that you can use to leverage your business’s presence.

The Basics of Digital Marketing

You probably already know that you need a Facebook page for your dealership. This is a place where people can see what other people are saying about your dealership, as well as what you’re about. It’s also a convenient space to display various promotions. Getting reviews on this platform is a great way to enhance your credibility for new customers.

While this might surprise you, another important way to get more people to know about your dealership is on Instagram. The main reason isn’t just to get more likes and followers, but it’s actually to reach out to your local customer base. Auto dealer marketing has never been so simple. You can search for posts by addresses and local hashtags to find more people in your community.

Keep in mind that social media platforms are relatively new, and you’ll get the most out of them by taking the time to learn about each one. Since technology is constantly changing in regards to digital marketing for dealers, it’s important to stay on top of trends. While this can seem daunting at first, you’ll get the hang of it once to start taking these platforms seriously.

Search Engine Maps for Auto Dealers


There’s no question that Google Maps is important for any local business, including automotive dealerships. Why do you ask? Well, the simple answer is that everyone is searching online for what they need and when they need it. These days, most people only go with the most convenient option as long as it’s good enough.

Another reason why Google Maps is important for your business is that it puts you in a better position to get noticed by potential customers. When it comes to links on the largest search engine, most people just skim through the various options. However, when you have a map listing, sometimes those results appear prominently right at the top.

Also, Google just plain likes it when you play nice with their system. Putting your listing on their maps makes it much easier to determine what kind of business you’re in, helping them put you in front of people looking for what you offer. This gives you a bit of a push even when it comes to traditional search engine rankings with links to your website.

Practical Tips for Digital Marketing

Whether you are new or experienced in auto dealer marketing, some important guidelines and tips must be followed to keep your business on the move, keep the customers coming back for more, and build a solid customer base. You must make sure that you have established an appropriate marketing plan that is going to serve your customers and generate sales.

Consider how much money you have available to spend on marketing. Hopefully, by now you’re convinced that digital marketing is worth the investment of your time and money, though not everyone has both. If you have money, you can spend on things such as paid advertising and a digital marketing agency service.

For people that have time on their hands, it’ll be worth it to directly reach out to customers and gain a following. This is because direct outreach has the highest conversion of all marketing forms. Think of it as individually meeting people face-to-face, but on a much larger scale. This kind of interaction makes it easier for people to trust you and make a decision.

Now you know the general overview of why digital marketing for dealers is worth it, rather than just going with what’s said on mainstream media. It’s supremely important to get your auto dealership on Google Maps to get in front of all the people searching for nearby businesses. Since technology is changing every day, get on the right track, and take advantage of this opportunity.

digital marketing tips for automotive marketing

Best Automotive Digital Marketing Tips

As a marketer or business owner in the automotive industry, your goal is to reach more customers, sell more cars, grow your business, and stay ahead of the competition.

However, the automotive industry has rapidly evolved over the past few decades due to the significant growth in sectors like media, innovation, and technology.

In fact, more and more car purchasers now spend much of their time researching online, trying to find the best deals before deciding to close the deal. So in this content piece, we have compiled the best automotive digital marketing tips that you can employ to help bring leads in the door.

Social Media

Hispanic couple photographing themselves to post on social media while standing by new car in showroom

In this fast-paced and technology-oriented generation, social media pages are critical pieces in your quest for business growth and dominance. On average, digital consumers–including car shoppers–spend two hours and 22 minutes each day on social networking sites and shopping platforms to research.

By providing real-time purchase indicators and valuable data, you can boost customer experience, effectively influence purchase decisions, and build brand loyalty with your prospective clients.

It only takes a few minutes to create a page on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and it can be a great avenue to reach out to your customers with special deals and new product offerings.

Facebook also has a feature that allows you to see page insights, places, hashtags, and more to monitor page traffic to take your online presence to a new level. Plus, these social networking sites can also serve as a place for satisfied customers to leave good reviews and vouch for your business.


Gone are the days where car buyers would need to go around town and visit a brick and mortar car dealership to inquire about a specific car model for their needs because today, searching for the perfect ride takes a few taps and swipes on search engines.

SEO works to make a website more search-engine friendly with the help of link-building, relevant content, website optimization, and other efforts. It is also important to make sure that you display quality imagines of automobiles to help visitors in choosing a car as per their preference and reap lucrative returns for your business.

By incorporating a comprehensive SEO strategy, you can help car buyers to find your business at the top of the search results. When your website ranks higher than your competitors in the search results, your website generates more clicks which can often translate to higher sales compared to your competitor that ranks lower.

Optimize Your Website

Nowadays, consumers have no patience for channels that aren’t suitable for mobile devices so make sure to optimize your car dealership website to suit different devices–may it be for smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

In fact, a study conducted by Google reveals that 90% of internet users switch between devices on an average of three times per day in the course of completing a single task.

Furthermore, aside from the standard user experience and fast load speeds, it is also advisable to provide pricing tools and financing calculators to help shoppers figure out their buying decision details in a no-pressure environment.

Google Maps


The primary purpose of Google Maps is to act as a search engine that will direct users to a specific location depending on their search query. The local search capabilities allow Google Maps to locate businesses that are relevant to the user’s search, so they can easily view their options before deciding to visit or contact the business itself.

Google maps street view provides more than just helping with the research process since it also allows prospective clients to take a virtual tour before visiting. This feature helps to build trust and connection with your target audience since you’re increasing their comfort level, making them more likely to enter your doors.

Use Google Call Features

While optimizing your automotive campaigns for phone calls might sound like a lot of work, it will be worth the effort once prospective clients start ringing off your phone.

Google provides business owners with features that allow clients to have easy access to your phone number, hours of operation, website, and directions with a click of a button–all for free. By ensuring that calls are always returned and attended, you help build long-term relationships and trust with your clients.

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