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Automotive Social Media Marketing

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Boost Automotive Leads with Social Media

After testing and running successful automotive social media campaigns we understand what’s the best way to boost your leads using tactics to target your in-market prospects.

By using sophisticated social media targeting combined with the right platforms, we help you position your ads in front in the right eye balls.
Target potential buyers when they’re in-market for a new vehicle. This helps lower your cost per lead and stretch your advertising budget.
Use the power of social media targeting to boost the number of leads that come to your dealership and turn into car sales.
Automotive Social Media Marketing
Automotive Facebook & Instagram Campaigns
Customized SEO

Automotive Facebook & Instagram Campaigns

  • Leverage the power of the 2 largest social media networks.
  • Target prospects easily on their phones throughout their buyers journey.
Social Media Leads

Social Media Lead Tracking

  • Track the performance and results of every social media advertising campaign separately, with lead tracking and advanced attribution to evaluate campaigns’ ROI.
  • Attribute forms, phone calls, and in-store visits to landing pages or digital campaigns.

Social Media Campaigns Built Around Goals

  • Boost your market share
  • Increase the number of leads
  • Multiply the inquiries on your vehicles

Live Social Media Dashboard Reporting

Easy to use and to navigate, 24/7 live dashboard to track all your social media metrics from your campaigns.

  • Social impressions
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Leads
social media for auto dealerships
Proven Process, Time and Time Again

Proven Social Media for Automotive Dealers

1. Industry Knowledge

By specializing in marking for the automotive industry, we have access to insights, tools, and proprietary tactics that we have proven to work for the last several years.

2. Full Transparency

We guide you step by step throughout your SEO campaign so you're in the known every step of the way. Transparency is very important to us and is our main driver.

3. True Partnerships

We value every single one of our partners. For that reason, we guarantee exclusivity in your market so we respect your success and we help you stand out.

Top-Rated Social Media for Car Dealerships

With over 120 automotive social media strategies launched, we know what works.

Our specialty in Automotive Social Media for Car Dealerships allows us to fully understand the industry to help you better.
  • We understand what tactics work
  • We know which keywords convert
  • We know how to get the results you want, faster

We Strategize, You Sell More

Automotive Social Media Marketing

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