Best Keywords For Auto Repair

101 Best Keywords For All Auto Repair Shops

How People Search Online for an Auto Repair Shop Near Them

In order for you to find the best keywords for an auto repair shop to use, it’ll be beneficial to understand how prospects are searching for you. Depending on what customers’ needs are, they tend to narrow down their searches to the problem or service they need + the name of the city where they are located.

Let’s think about “Joe” who lives in Austin, TX. Joe was involved in a collision and his 2019 Toyota Camry was damaged. He’s done with the insurance process and he’s ready to find a shop to fix the body issues. Joe will start his searches around “body repair shop near me” or “body repair shop in Austin TX”. The question to ask yourself is, are you on the top 3 of Joe’s options for him to pick your shop? If not, then this blog is perfect for you!

Near Me Keywords for Auto Repair Shops

Through extensive research and market analysis, we have noticed a big change in how consumers search for keywords related to auto repair. For example, for the last 5 years the growth of “auto repair near me” has exponentially grown compared to “auto repair shop” which has stayed consistent during the same timeframe. Similarly, this has affected many different types of auto shops which you can see in our auto repair market analysis.

auto repair near me vs auto repair shop search trends

So let’s analyze what will be the best keywords for you!

Auto Repair Shop vs Mechanic Shop Keywords Nationwide

Certainly, auto repair and mechanic keywords will be very similar to one another. However, let’s analyze how people think and search across the US when they need auto services.

Auto Repair KeywordsAvg. Search Volume per Month
auto repair near me246,000/mo
auto repair shop near me74,000/mo
cheap auto repair shops near me2,400/mo
car repair shops near me27,100/mo
auto repair services1,600/mo
Mechanic KeywordsAvg. Search Volume per Month
mechanic shop near me90,500/mo
car mechanic near me40,500/mo
auto mechanic near me60,500/mo
auto mechanic shops near me6,600/mo
find a mechanic near me880/mo

Just glancing at this list, “auto repair near me” is the winner… I mean, 246,000 searches per month in the country is far ahead of “mechanic shop near me” at 90,500 searches per month.

That doesn’t mean you have to pick one over the other; you can optimize for both. But understanding how people think nationwide will help us to drill down into a local level in your market.

Local Keyword Ideas for Auto Repair Shops

Now that we understand how people search at a national level, let’s analyze how people search for auto shops in different cities across the country. This will help you identify the best keywords to use for your city.

Los Angeles KeywordsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Los Angeles210/mo
auto repair shop Los Angeles140/mo
mechanic Los Angeles170/mo
mechanic shop Los Angeles30/mo
car repair Los Angeles70/mo
Houston KeywordsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Houston480/mo
auto repair shop Houston110/mo
mechanic Houston320/mo
mechanic shop Houston0/mo
car repair Houston170/mo
Phoenix KeywordsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Phoenix590/mo
auto repair shop Phoenix90/mo
mechanic Phoenix170/mo
mechanic shop Phoenix0/mo
car repair Phoenix0/mo
Chicago KeywordsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Chicago880/mo
auto repair shop Chicago210/mo
mechanic Chicago210/mo
mechanic shop Chicago0/mo
car repair Chicago0/mo
San Diego KeywordsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair San Diego480/mo
auto repair shop San Diego90/mo
mechanic San Diego320/mo
mechanic shop San Diego10/mo
car repair San Diego110/mo

As you can see, each city’s search behavior varies greatly on the number of people using “mechanic” keywords. However, for all the cities we analyzed above, “auto repair” + CITY has the most searches of all the keywords on this list. That means that if your shop were to be a general auto repair center your primary keyword could be “auto repair + YOUR CITY”. From our small test, this would get the most impressions of all on our list.

That applies if your shop is general repairs, but what happens if your shop is specialized in one area? Let’s break down the different verticals of auto repairs and figure out what keywords can help your shop the most.

Keywords for Brake Shops

When a prospect’s car is experiencing grinding, squeaking brakes or your steering wheel is shaking (at faster speeds) and your brake pedal feels spongy, it’ll be time for them to consult with an auto brake shop. As you know, brake shops offer inspection of brake components, the resurfacing of brake rotors or drums, the removal of brake fluid contaminants and air (bleeding the lines), and the installation of brake calipers and wheel cylinders.

But how are people searching for these services?

Let’s figure out what are the most used keywords for brake shops.

Keywords for Brake ShopsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
brake shop 18,100/mo (Nationwide)
brake shops near me 22,200/mo (Nationwide)
brake repair shops near me3,600/mo (Nationwide)
cheap brake service near me2,900/mo (Nationwide)
brake services near me18,100/mo (Nationwide)
brake service cost2,400/mo (Nationwide)
brake pad replacement near me3,600/mo (Nationwide)


Search online for Auto AC Repair near me, Car Aircon repair, Car AC shop. When your car AC system is showing symptoms of trouble brewing, have it checked immediately.

Observe this scenario. The refrigerant breaks down inside the compressor. It acts like motor oil which provides engine lubrication, and if it bogs down, the AC easily succumbs, starting with its compressor. Sharp and grimy particles coming from it travel to the rest of the parts of the AC, wrecking havoc.

To avoid this, have it repaired right away.


For problems with your car transmission, use the keywords Transmission Shop or Car Transmission repair shop near me. Or Vehicle Transmission Shop.

Is your car handling feeling different on the road? Or are there strange smells coming from your engine? Let the transmission experts diagnose your problem.

Your transmission might not engage or stay in its proper gear. You may be having a low level of transmission fluid due to leakage or water might have entered due to a flood. Or there might be a problem with the valve body of the automatic transmission.

Have it checked soon so that overheating will not result and will damage other parts.


Your car was involved in an accident and you want to bring back its appearance to how it was before the accident. You need an auto body shop.

You can use a lot of keywords. Car Body Repair Shop Near Me. Auto Collision Repair Near Me. Car Dents and Bumps Repair Near Me. Car Windshield Replacement Near Me. Auto Glass Repair.

These shops restore, repair, refinish and replace auto frames and bodies. These not only include the metal body but also the windshields and window glass.

They also review police blotter reports, prepare cost estimates for you and plan the work schedule. They either replace whole parts or repair parts that could be fixed. These are all entirely covered by your comprehensive car insurance.


If you’re trying to find a shop near you which specializes in car electric repair, search online with the following keywords – Auto Electric Repair near me, Car Electrical repair shop, Electrical repair shop Car.

You should find a professional shop which has specialized diagnostic equipment to identify correctly the cause of your car’s electrical and electronic problems. Is your battery dead? Is your starter or alternator misfiring?

Or it could be simply your dashboard lights or something more complicated like the computer systems that control safety and security measures in your car like ABS brake systems, keyless entry, anti theft, airbags, tire pressure monitors, entertainment system, Traction Control, Heating and AC.

Most technologically advanced cars now have electric and electronic systems which malfunction and needs certified technicians for their repair.

Or your keywords could be something more specific like ABS repair or keyless entry repair near me.


When your car needs refurbishing in its interiors, especially the upholstery, what keywords do you need to find the best shop to help you?

Keywords like Auto Upholstery Repair or Car Auto Seats Expert Near Me.

Or if you want specific fabrics like leather for your car seats, maybe keywords like Leather Car Seats Near me or Auto Leather Seats Outfitter near me.


If you have a Japanese car or a high end European car which needs repair and you want certified mechanics who are trained in the quirks and uniqueness of these foreign brands, you should be specific in your keywords.

Like for Japanese cars, you should put in the brand in your search like Honda Car Repair Expert Near me, Or Toyota Auto Mechanic Near Me.

For high end European cars, for sure you will be finicky on the mechanic who will touch your expensive car because it is so precious to you. When you search online, be specific like, BMW Expert Mechanic near me, or Mercedes Benz Repair Shop Near Me. Or maybe if you have an Italian branded car, a search like Italian Car Mechanic Near Me.

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