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BMW Drives Luxury Consumers

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How BMW leverage our location technology to drive luxury consumers to a dealership

For this campaign, it was crucial to understand that this BMW dealership needed more than just publishing sleek ads for a luxury audience. In order for this campaign to work and to create a high-level of engagement, the luxury brand turned to our location technology to spark and direct consumers from competing luxury dealers to their BMW lot.

Location Advertising Technology

For this BMW dealership, our team used location targeting in proximity to competitor dealerships to increase their brand awareness amongst the luxury in-market audience close to their dealership.

Audience targeting using Experian data was leveraged to identify and position their digital ads to a high-income audience and luxury car drivers at home.

Retargeting audience members who were previously exposed to the BMW 7 series ad unit was also implemented to make sure we were able to re-engage with them throughout the campaign.

The location targeting combined with store visitation was used to measure the foot traffic of users who saw the ads.

bmw marketing agency case study

automotive marketing case study

The Results

The location-based targeting successfully placed the ads to the correct audience with the highest expansion rate, 3% above goal, and industry benchmarks.

The audience targeting played a key role as well, for driving deeper engagement with the campaign and brand awareness at the same time. The audiences targeted had the strongest engagement rates, with 10% higher than previous campaigns.

3% above benchmark expansion rate

10% more engagement

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