How Do You Attract Customers To Auto Repair Shops

How Do You Attract Customers To Auto Repair Shops

Are you running an auto shop? If so, you already know how competitive the business is. However, if you do not have the best strategy to attract customers to your auto shop, you might not get as much business as you should.

Therefore, you need to learn ways to attract customers to auto repair shops. The best strategy will help your business to remain relevant, and it will also help you keep up with the competition. With that in mind, here is what you should know about attracting clients to your auto shop.

Attract New Customers to an Auto Repair Shop

Besides dealing with the high competition, there is also the fact that the economy is tough. During such times, people tend to forgo the needs of repairs and maintenance of their automobiles. That is why you need to develop the best strategy that you can use to get clients to your business. With the best strategy, you will attract new customers and bring existing clients back to your auto repair shop.

Create and Promote Your Brand

The mistake that most auto repair shop owners make is not thinking about their shop as a brand. However, if you start looking at it as a brand and ensure that it stands out; the chances are that it will start generating more business. First, however, you need to put strong branding strategies in place.

With the strong branding of your business, you will have a positive impression of the company among the consumers. As a result, the consumers will be familiar with your company, which means that their chances of doing business with you are high. That is why you need to make use of social media platforms to market your shop.

You should note that these days, many people are on social media. Therefore, if you use this platform for marketing your business, the chances are that you will reach a higher audience. That is why you need to think about your image and present it on social media platforms. If you do this right, you can be certain that you will attract clients to your auto repair shop.

How Can I Promote My Auto Repair Shop?

It does not matter the type of business you are doing; the one thing you cannot ignore is that marketing is important. Marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that people learn about your business. But you need to know the best strategies to promote auto repair shops seeking to reach the right target audience.

Create an Auto Shop Website

It is hardly possible to imagine a business in this digital age that does not have a website. A website is important as it will help reach clients and give them details about your business and the service you offer. That is why if you have not created a website for your auto repair shop, it is time for you to do it.

Note that if you have an online presence, you can connect with the people in your local area and create a relationship even before they get into your shop. However, for your website to be effective, make sure that it is properly designed and created. Then, you can use this platform to make a good digital impression.

How Do I Get More Customers In My Auto Repair Shop?

Another vital point that you might be wondering about as an auto repair shop is bringing more clients to your business. Note that the more clients you get, the more revenue you receive. Here are some of the ways to get more customers for auto shop.

Use Google Ads

The main benefit of using Google ads is that it will enable you to reach your local clients. That means that the advert will reach the right audience, which will help ensure that you get more clients to your shop. When choosing the Google Ads to use, ensure that you get the one to target the local market and the type of clients that suit your business.

Use Google Maps

Another way that you can use to bring in more clients to your business is by using Google Maps. Note that Google Maps will make it easier for the people trying to get to your auto shop to get directions. As a result, you will not have to worry about your clients getting lost. If you make it easy for clients to get to your shop, this will attract more clients, and thus, it will help boost your business.


When you use the right SEO for auto repair shops to market your business, it will help improve the Google search ranking of your business. What that means is when people search for services that are related to your business, your business will appear among the first ones. When you have great SEO, it will make you visible to your clients, increasing sales.

The right SEO will also ensure that you get more traffic to your website. Though you will get many people to the site, it is also a way to seek your service. That is why it is important to ensure you make use of SEO. The best part is that it does not cost you anything. Check out our full guide on the best keywords for auto repair shops.

Focus On Online Marketing

There are many strategies you can use to market your auto shop. But given the number of people who are always online, it is best to use the online marketing option to reach a large crowd. However, if you plan to use the internet for marketing your business, develop an effective plan that will enable you to connect with the right audience.

Final Thoughts

If you need to seek a strategy to help market your auto business, you can use any pointers discussed above. But you need to ensure that the strategy you use is right for your business. If you are unsure, do your research. Then, as long as you have found the best way to promote your auto business, you can be certain that you will increase sales, impacting your bottom line positively.


Make my Auto Repair Shop More Profitable

When starting any business, it is the owner’s hope that it will be profitable. The same goes for an auto repair shop. However, many are not sure how to get there or where to start. Is it the tools? Or maybe the location?

However, you have to look at the big picture to determine if an auto repair shop is going to be profitable. And, there are a few areas that need to look at including:

  • Business costs
  • Ownership Costs
  • “Other” Expenses and Profits/Losses

In this article, we provide information on how to make your auto repair shop more profitable. We will also answer “Is owning an auto repair shop profitable?” as well as “How profitable are auto body shops?”.

So, before spending money on any supplies or locations for your business, read through our guide so you can figure out what it’s going to take. You do not want to start an unprofitable business and lose all of the hard-earned money you put into it.

How can I make my auto repair shop more profitable?

In the 21st century, the profitability of an auto repair shop is determined by marketing efforts. As opposed to decades ago when auto repair shops used traditional marketing efforts, like flyers and information cards, to attract customers; today’s marketing efforts use digital marketing technology.

Digital marketing techniques have gained popularity since the early 2000s. With the rise of smartphones and social media, digital marketing has become increasingly popular, with businesses able to digitally market their products and services 24/7.

With the right marketing efforts in place, an auto body shop will be well-connected with the local community. Thus, making their services in high demand.

Some of the best digital marketing techniques include:

1. SEO:

Auto repair SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, uses the proper keywords and phrases to rank a website in search results for keywords and phrases relevant to their industry and products/services offered. SEO is an important digital marketing technique because it targets potential customers looking for businesses like yours through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. For example, if someone wants to work on their car’s brakes they will likely go to Google and type in something like “[city] auto repair” followed by “brakes.” Check out our full list of the best keywords for auto repair shops.

If your business website ranks higher than other competitors’ websites in the organic results of the search engine you’ll be able to catch your customer before competitors do.

2. Google My Business (GMB)/Maps Listing:

Google My Business is a free service offered by Google that allows business owners to list their businesses on Google Maps and Search, as well as share content and updates about the business on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. By creating a GMB listing, your customers can see directions (in some cases live traffic cams), view photos of your shop, and full information such as hours of operation, website URLs, phone numbers, and more!

GMB listings also appear in Google search results for certain searches like “[your city]’s auto repair.” If you do not already have a GMB listing set up, sign up now. The process takes less thane five minutes to complete and it’s free! If you have already set up a GMB listing make sure that your information is accurate and up-to-date.

3. Social Media:

There are many social media websites but some of the most popular include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. All of these websites can be used to either connect with customers before they enter your shop or after they leave. For example, on Twitter, you can tweet customers a deal on oil changes if they stop in or offer coupons for customers who post pictures of their repaired cars on Instagram.

4. Google Ads (AdWords):

Another great digital marketing technique is Google Ads. With Google Adwords, you can target potential customers in your local area by showing ads when they search for certain keywords related to auto repair. For example, someone in [city], [state] may type “auto repair” into the search bar at and this triggers an ad that shows up on the top of the results page for users in that particular region. The ad will include your business’s relevant website URL, phone number, image of your location, etc.

The above-mentioned digital marketing techniques are just some of the popular efforts that can help boost your auto repair shop’s local visibility and increase customer conversions. With the right tools in place, you will be able to connect with customers before or after they enter your business and steer them into making smart purchase decisions.

What is the average profit margin for auto repair?

There is not really one answer to this question. The profit margin will be different for every auto repair business. You can make between 10% and 50% of your revenue in profits depending on the type of shop you are running, the products/services offered, what % you mark up parts, etc. Your technician wages are usually very similar across the industry. However, your expenses (insurance, liability coverage) will vary by state to state or even city to city.

How profitable are auto body shops?

The average profit margin for auto body shops depends on a number of factors. First, is the shop a non-franchise or franchise location? If it’s a franchise then you’re going to pay royalties and fees out of your sales. A traditional body shop may charge someone $1000 to repair their car from the accident, but the insurance company only pays them $500 so they make $500 and hope to find some add-ons. That’s how some places stay in business even if they have little customer traffic because it’s more about the money/profit you get from each job than how much work you do per job.

Another factor that plays into the profitability of an auto body shop is overhead costs such as rent, equipment, etc. Shop equipment has become very advanced in the past decade making the labor of working on cars much easier and faster when it comes to things like frame repair/straightening, painting, etc. The more high-tech tools you have the more money you are likely to make simply because they are efficient – time is money after all.

An auto body shop’s profitability can vary greatly depending on location as well. Some city areas charge more for everything from rent to insurance than other parts of the country (or even the world). All these factors play into your bottom line and how much money you make per job or month or year.

Is owning an auto repair shop profitable?

The answer could be yes if you are running a successful shop. However, it’s not always the most profitable business in the world because there are so many variables that could affect your profitability. If you have great customer service and utilize digital marketing techniques, well then likely more people will come through your doors and you’ll make more money than someone who doesn’t.

The goal of any type of business is to make money and auto repair shops aren’t any different – it’s just like anything else: the harder you work (and smarter) the more money you can generate.


To make your auto repair shop more profitable you have to take advantage of all the marketing techniques available in today’s world. For example, using Google AdWords can yield great results in terms of driving targeted customers to your website. There are many different digital marketing techniques that you can implement into your business, so pick one or two and begin building your customer base.

It could also be helpful to consult with a reputable digital marketing agency that will help you analyze your business and recommend different strategies based on what they know works!

Auto Repair Advertising Slogans

The Best Auto Repair Advertising Slogans And How To Write Your Own

Have you ever wanted to advertise your auto repair service? If so, you know that coming up with catchy Auto Repair Advertising Slogans is easier said than done. How do you come up with an eye-catching phrase that will make potential customers pull into your shop? With these awesome advertising slogans for an auto repair shop, you’ll be able to write the perfect one for your business!

These slogans are aimed at people who may not know what they need to get their car fixed. Whether you’re looking for someone who does bodywork or just needs tires, these slogans will help get the word out about your shop! And since they’re so catchy, it will be hard not to find success.

Auto Repair Advertising Slogans

We think you can come up with a better slogan than “your car is more than just a car” and we’ll help you get there!

What is Slogan?

An effective slogan is more than just words. It has to catch your customers’ attention and motivate them to pick up the phone and place their next repair order. This all happens because customers have to remember what you’re telling them.

For example, it might be difficult for someone to come into your shop if they do not know its location. This is why slogans are so important. They must be memorable and easy to remember. Slogans like these should not contain complicated words or complicated grammatical structures. They must be simple yet detailed.

A slogan should be at least three words long. They should be specific to your business, your location, and your services.

Auto Repair Advertising Slogans

What is the importance of slogans to auto repair shops?

With this kind of slogan, you are telling your potential customers that you have a great, professional shop that can fix any car they may have. That’s a huge selling point.

People will feel comfortable knowing that they have chosen a shop where they will get the quality service they expect from your business.

Benefits of Having a Slogan

Your ad or slogan needs to provide some sort of benefit to potential customers. For example, if you’re a body shop, you may be looking for a mechanic. “Is it that they’re mechanics, or is it that they’re bodywork?”

If you’re a tire shop, you may be looking for a mechanic or people who just need new tires. “Is it that they’re mechanics, or is it that they’re tire services?”

Your ad or slogan should also be specific. What’s it going to say about your services that are unique to your shop? You don’t want customers to think your services are the same as every other mechanic’s.

Tips on How to Market an Auto Repair Business. Many entrepreneurs try to capitalize in the automotive world because the ever-growing market is quite promising. You also want to make sure that your slogan piques interest and actually tells people what they’re going to get when they enter your shop. This is the main purpose of a slogan: to grab attention and tell customers what you do.

If you want to write an effective ad or slogan, you need to make sure people know what to expect from your business. If customers don’t know what they’re going to get, they won’t come in!

Don’t forget about using those all caps! It’s time that you start thinking about how your ad will look and read if it’s all caps. You’ll be able to find a lot more space for text this way – something that is always good for an effective ad.

Repair Center - Slogan

Steps to writing your own slogan

You can’t just do this on a whim. This is something that needs to be thought through carefully. First, you need to be able to recognize what you would like people to think about you. Write down the one idea that you feel best describes your shop and your customers. Once you’ve got that one, brainstorm a few others that you would like to help the people in your life better understand the kind of business you’re running. Then, make a final decision on which of the slogans you’ve come up with best describes your business.

For example, in the above example, you could either write down your “We fix the f— up” slogan, or you could opt for the slogan, “We’re your friendly neighborhood auto repair business. We fix cars.”

Once you have your slogan, you can try working it into several different ads. Try writing some short text that will go next to your logo or your shop’s address. You want to have an idea of what the overall look of your sign will be so that you can focus on the words.

Things to remember when writing a slogan for auto repair shops

Lines are a valuable way of advertising, especially if you’re using these types of slogans. Remember, you need to make sure that your slogans are short. The line length needs to be such that all parts of your audience can understand it. You’ll also want to be sure that your slogans are neat and clean and in no way offends anyone.

Why a simple line might be better than a bunch of words: “The oil needs to be changed in your car right now!” or “Our shop specializes in clunkers, rust, and rust-out!”, for instance. It may be a good idea to have the slogan, “Come to Mike’s Auto Repair Car!” This should be catchy and should grab people’s attention. Keep in mind that people may not remember the full name of your shop.

Whoever works on your car is also important. You don’t want to insult any of them, but you do need to make sure that everyone is comfortable with their work. Save groans for later; let them know what you’re looking for now!

Why use personal names? If you are running a body shop, having your name on the sign outside will assure your customers of trustworthiness. It will say, “This business knows my name and treats me with respect.

Don’t forget about the impact a slogan can have. It can be a powerful tool in selling your auto repair service to potential customers. Remember that!

Car Repair Slogans Examples

Now, let’s give you some car repair slogan examples to use as inspirations so you can write the perfect slogan for your auto repair shop. We’ve sourced the best examples we could find from other blogs (Slogans hub and The Brand Boy).

You’re Engine’s DoctorWe treat all cars like familyGive it a polish
We keep your motor runningA Moments of Caring Your CarAuto care is our Business
Our Service is the Key to a Fresh StartA life on Full SpeedYour Car Deserves the Best
First-class performanceLet’s take Car Servicing SeriouslyGiving your Car the best Treat
We are driven to serve youEasy Care, Easy lifeGiving your car a Wings
We Keep You RunningThe joy of best Best RideA Screw of perfection
Hands that understand auto careA Quick Start for your LifeWe Repair Your Dreams
Get back to your roadMy Car, My ChoiceGet the Dent Fixed
Straight paint no filter!Fix the wheelsFeel Proud with Your Car
We’re Auto Motivated!Your street-friendly mechanicWe will treat them nicely

Final Thoughts

Even if you’re not a skilled writer, you can still create an effective slogan. All it takes is your creativity, some thought, and a little experimentation. Of course, an auto repair shop also needs a slogan that is very simple and easy to remember.

These advertising slogans should be catchy and should grab the attention of people passing by your shop. They should also help you gain a reputation as a reliable car repair service. Sure, these slogans may take some time to write, but they will be worth it in the end.

Once you’ve taken into consideration all of these different factors, you will end up with an ad that is eye-catching and memorable. The repair slogan will do your advertising for you because people will remember it!

Best Keywords For Your Auto Repair Shops

101 Best Keywords For All Auto Repair Shops

How People Search Online for an Auto Repair Shop Near Them

In order for you to find the best keywords for an auto repair shop to use, it’ll be beneficial to understand how prospects are searching for you. Depending on what customers’ needs are, they tend to narrow down their searches to the problem or service they need + the name of the city where they are located.

Let’s think about “Joe” who lives in Austin, TX. Joe was involved in a collision and his 2019 Toyota Camry was damaged. He’s done with the insurance process and he’s ready to find a shop to fix the body issues. Joe will start his searches around “body repair shop near me” or “body repair shop in Austin TX”. The question to ask yourself is, are you on the top 3 of Joe’s options for him to pick your shop? If not, then this blog is perfect for you!

Near Me Keywords for Auto Repair Shops

Through extensive research and market analysis, we have noticed a big change in how consumers search for keywords related to auto repair. For example, for the last 5 years the growth of “auto repair near me” has exponentially grown compared to “auto repair shop” which has stayed consistent during the same timeframe. Similarly, this has affected many different types of auto shops which you can see in our auto repair market analysis.

auto repair near me vs auto repair shop search trends

So let’s analyze what will be the best keywords for you!

Auto Repair Shop vs Mechanic Shop Keywords Nationwide

Certainly, auto repair and mechanic keywords will be very similar to one another. However, let’s analyze how people think and search across the US when they need auto services.

Auto Repair KeywordsAvg. Search Volume per Month
auto repair near me246,000/mo
auto repair shop near me74,000/mo
cheap auto repair shops near me2,400/mo
car repair shops near me27,100/mo
auto repair services1,600/mo
Mechanic KeywordsAvg. Search Volume per Month
mechanic shop near me90,500/mo
car mechanic near me40,500/mo
auto mechanic near me60,500/mo
auto mechanic shops near me6,600/mo
find a mechanic near me880/mo

Just glancing at this list, “auto repair near me” is the winner… I mean, 246,000 searches per month in the country is far ahead of “mechanic shop near me” at 90,500 searches per month.

That doesn’t mean you have to pick one over the other; you can optimize for both. But understanding how people think nationwide will help us to drill down into a local level in your market.

Local Keyword Ideas for Auto Repair Shops

Now that we understand how people search at a national level, let’s analyze how people search for auto shops in different cities across the country. This will help you identify the best keywords to use for your city.

Los Angeles KeywordsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Los Angeles210/mo
auto repair shop Los Angeles140/mo
mechanic Los Angeles170/mo
mechanic shop Los Angeles30/mo
car repair Los Angeles70/mo
Houston KeywordsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Houston480/mo
auto repair shop Houston110/mo
mechanic Houston320/mo
mechanic shop Houston0/mo
car repair Houston170/mo
Phoenix KeywordsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Phoenix590/mo
auto repair shop Phoenix90/mo
mechanic Phoenix170/mo
mechanic shop Phoenix0/mo
car repair Phoenix0/mo
Chicago KeywordsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair Chicago880/mo
auto repair shop Chicago210/mo
mechanic Chicago210/mo
mechanic shop Chicago0/mo
car repair Chicago0/mo
San Diego KeywordsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto repair San Diego480/mo
auto repair shop San Diego90/mo
mechanic San Diego320/mo
mechanic shop San Diego10/mo
car repair San Diego110/mo

As you can see, each city’s search behavior varies greatly on the number of people using “mechanic” keywords. However, for all the cities we analyzed above, “auto repair” + CITY has the most searches of all the keywords on this list. That means that if your shop were to be a general auto repair center your primary keyword could be “auto repair + YOUR CITY”. From our small test, this would get the most impressions of all on our list.

That applies if your shop is general repairs, but what happens if your shop is specialized in one area? Let’s break down the different verticals of auto repairs and figure out what keywords can help your shop the most.

Keywords for Brake Shops

When a prospect’s car is experiencing grinding, squeaking brakes or your steering wheel is shaking (at faster speeds) and your brake pedal feels spongy, it’ll be time for them to consult with an auto brake shop. As you know, brake shops offer inspection of brake components, the resurfacing of brake rotors or drums, the removal of brake fluid contaminants and air (bleeding the lines), and the installation of brake calipers and wheel cylinders.

But how are people searching for these services?

Let’s figure out what are the most used keywords for brake shops.

Keywords for Brake ShopsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
brake shop 18,100/mo (Nationwide)
brake shops near me 22,200/mo (Nationwide)
brake repair shops near me3,600/mo (Nationwide)
cheap brake service near me2,900/mo (Nationwide)
brake services near me18,100/mo (Nationwide)
brake service cost2,400/mo (Nationwide)
brake pad replacement near me3,600/mo (Nationwide)

We clearly have a winner, again, the “near me” version of the keyword. With 22k searches per month, most people in the US search for “brake shops near me”.

Auto AC Repair Shop Keywords

Although seasonal, summer tends to spike the searches around auto ac repair shops in the US. Think about it, people can’t stand driving a car with a 90-100+ degree weather with no ac and the windows rolled down. It’s the worst! When that happens, these are the keywords they are likely to use to find you.

Keywords for AC RepairAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto ac repair near me14,800/mo (Nationwide)
auto ac repair8,100/mo (Nationwide)
auto air conditioner repair near m4,400/mo (Nationwide)
car ac repair shop near me1,900/mo (Nationwide)
auto air conditioning service near me2,400/mo (Nationwide)
automotive ac repair near me1,600/mo (Nationwide)
car a/c service near me2,400/mo (Nationwide)

You’re probably seeing the trend that I’ve been taking all along this post; near me wins again! “Auto ac repair near me” is the clear winner with more than 14k searches per month in the US. This is just an annual average; we know winter won’t have anywhere close to that number of searches, which means summer could show 2x times more searches than the average shows.

Keywords for Transmission Shops

When it comes to all things transmission shops, whether that is repairs, maintenance, re-do, etc… people will look for a transmission shops. Let’s take a look at how those searches are happening nationwide.

Keywords for Transmission ShopsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
transmission shops74,000/mo (Nationwide)
transmission shops near me60,500/mo (Nationwide)
transmission repair near me22,200/mo (Nationwide)
transmission repair shops near me2,900/mo (Nationwide)
transmission shops near my location1,000/mo (Nationwide)

At first glance, it looks like for this type of auto shop the trend didn’t apply. The keyword without near me “transmission shops” shows 74k searches vs 60k when adding “near me”. However, I later found a different keyword that might spice things up. “Transmission repair near me” is technically searching for the same thing, but instead of looking for a specific shop, is looking for the service itself. If we count both near me keywords together (60K + 22k) “near me” keywords win again.

Auto Collision Repair and Body Shop Keywords

Accidents happen every day and most drivers will likely seek for help to get their cars fixed. Let’s look at the possible keywords they are using to find collision repair shops.

Keywords for Collision and Body ShopsAvg. Monthly Search Volume
collision shops5,400/mo (Nationwide)
collision repair near me40,500/mo (Nationwide)
body shop near me201,000/mo (Nationwide)
auto body repair near me27,000/mo (Nationwide)
auto body shop 110,000/mo (Nationwide)
auto body shops near me135,000/mo (Nationwide)
car body shops near me18,000/mo (Nationwide)
auto body collision repair near me1,600/mo (Nationwide)

Let’s analyze this table further. Stating the obvious, near me searches win again on both cases with collision and body shop keywords. However, further analysis is needed because this is the perfect example where you could pick keywords you feel right for your business. It might not align with how most people search for your services. This exercise started as “collision” but during the research, we found that a greater number of people search for this service as “body shop” instead of “collision shop”. That is a good insight for you to focus on body shop keywords. It is knowing how big the difference is compared to collision.

Keywords for a Car Electrical Repair Shop

Changing gears and analyzing how people search for electrical shops might be interesting. It’s a wide range of components that are electrical. So let’s take a look at how people search for this service.

Keywords for Car Electrical ShopAvg. Monthly Search Volume
auto electrical near me6,600/mo (Nationwide)
auto electric near me3,600/mo (Nationwide)
auto electric shop1,900/mo (Nationwide)
auto electrical shop near me1,300/mo (Nationwide)
car electrical repair shops near me2,400/mo (Nationwide)
car wiring specialist near me590/mo (Nationwide)
mobile auto electrical repair near me720/mo (Nationwide)
automotive electrical repair near me1,300/mo (Nationwide)

There you have it, another specialty shop and near me wins again.

The bottom line is that optimizing for near me is a big deal. We have proven throughout this article that people want to local places that are close to them. They like quick and easy. Make sure you’re adding these keywords to your strategy and to your keyword ranking tracker to monitor closely. You can also check our search market trends analysis for the automotive industry. Learn more about how these keywords perform in search.

At Woobound Automotive, we specialize in digital marketing and SEO for Auto Repair. We know what keywords work, how to optimize to rank for them, and we understand you well. If you need help to take the next step, contact us today!

auto ac repair near me search trends

Auto Repair Shop Search Trends Market Analysis

The latest auto repair shop search trends market analysis and best automotive digital marketing tips.

Auto Repair Shop vs Auto Repair Near Me

For the last 5 years, we have seen a complete industry behavior take over from the searches around “auto repair near me” vs. a more traditional search like “auto repair shop”. Our team specializes in “Near Me Positioning” which is why all our clients are optimized properly to capitalize on near me search trends like this one.

auto repair near me vs auto repair shop search trends

Winning Keyword: Auto Repair Near Me.

Source: Google Trends

Mechanic Near Me vs Mechanic Shop

When looking at a 5-year timeframe, “mechanic near me” has exponentially grown and taken over most of the searches compared to “mechanic shop”. This is why all our clients are optimized properly to capitalize on near me search trends like this one.

mechanic shop vs mechanic near me search trends

Winning Keyword: Mechanic Near Me


Source: Google Trends

The Growth of Tire Shop Near Me Searches

When analyzing “tire shop near me” proves our concept. The growth is exponential year after year and is a great opportunity for local tire shops to optimize for near me searches.

The Growth of Tire Shop Near Me Searches

Source: Google Trends

Brake Shop Near Me Search Trends

Although the growth of “brake shop near me” is not as exponential as other trends, we still recognize a growing trend. Customers seem to be adopting this term at a slower pace but continue to grow.

brake shop near me search trends

Source: Google Trends

Auto AC Repair Search Trends

Interesting comparison at hand. When it comes to “Auto AC Repair” we have noticed that the traditional search is still ahead in search volume. However, “auto AC repair near me” has grown year over year, and it’s on track to surpass the traditional query in 2021.

Winner: Auto AC Repair

auto ac repair near me search trends

Source: Google Trends

Body Shop Near Me Search Trends

“Body shop” searches are another exciting opportunity if your shop focuses on body repairs. As you see on this graph, this trend has shown constant growth over the last 5 years. Although still far from the traditional “body shop”, this still shows a good opportunity to capitalize on.

body shop near me search trends

Source: Google Trends

How to Market and Promote an Auto Repair Business

10 Tips on How to Market an Auto Repair Business

Many entrepreneurs try to capitalize in the automotive world because the ever-growing market is quite promising. However, the problem that many repair shop owners often face is how to promote a car repair shop to grow. Below we share 10 tips on how to market an auto repair business.

how to market an auto repair business

1. Market Your Shop on Social Networks

A good way to attract new customers and increase the car count in your shop is through social media strategies. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram can help disseminate information, allowing more people to know about your shop. The reach of this type of platform is staggering and continues to grow as we speak.

In addition, social networks also provide customer relationship options. Through social pages (both Facebook and Instagram), it is possible to deliver informative material and publicize promotions and other types of content. This is also a great tool to get feedback from your customers to improve any possible issues.

website example to market a repair shop

2. Use a Website to Promote Your Repair Shop

Even with the advancement of social networks like Facebook, the website is still the place where your company can show its essence. Social networks do not give you autonomy over layouts, and page flows, among other navigation features.

On the website, you avail to the user what you want and in the way you want. The layout, buttons, content, everything is done as you want, without anyone’s interference.

You should put together a site that explains your services, provides compelling content, and delivers some value to readers. This will make your customers gain interest in the services you provide.

paid google search ads examples

3. Paid Google Search Ads

By leveraging paid tactics like Google ads your auto repair business will appear at the top of Google search results very fast. Google ads can be a great tactic in your marketing strategy because when a customer’s vehicle breaks down, he or she is likely to use Google to find the nearest auto shop to get help.

By searching for keywords such as “mechanic near me”, they will be able to see your ads which will direct them to visit your website, which will display the services you offer.

start a youtube channel to promote a repair shop

4. Start a YouTube Channel

By using YouTube, it is possible to convey an image of credibility by delivering information to your customers. The videos of the services you offer can be made available on a YouTube channel.

The cool thing about using YouTube as part of your strategy is that it creates engagement between your brand and your prospect. The customer can take a sneak peek at how services are done at your shop and better understand who they are hiring to fix their car. This engaging relationship with your customers makes it possible to drive more cars into your shop.

Another great advantage of using YouTube videos for your repair shop is the credibility that the video builds. The knowledge and experience of your professional team will be featured front and center. This way, your prospects can feel confident about the team taking care of their vehicle.

Leverage Local SEO

5. Leverage Local SEO

Who am I kidding? Local SEO for auto repair shops is probably my favorite tip on this list. By investing in local SEO, you will be able to improve your online visibility when prospects search for the services you offer. The more clients that can find you the more cars you will have driving into your shop.

Let’s say your repair shop focuses on body repairs. You can optimize your website, GMB, and local directories towards “body shop” keywords. The goal of your local SEO is that when someone searches for a body shop online you show up in the top 3 spots.

start a blog to promote auto repair shop

6. Start an Auto Repair Blog

A repair shop can also use a Blog to its advantage by posting relevant content that customers can read when their cars are in good condition. The goal is for the customer to remember your shop regularly and visit you in case of an automobile breakdown.

Use your Blog to provide specific advice, do’s and don’ts of maintenance, maintenance schedules, and much more. Blog posts only cost you 30 minutes of your time to write or you can always outsource it for $30-$50 by hiring a freelancer. But trust me, the time you invest has a very good rate of return. This is also an important tool that will help you attract more customers to your auto repair business.

7. Promote Transparent Pricing

To drive more cars into your shop, your prices need to be competitive in your area. As you know, it’s better to make a smaller profit and focus on a high volume of cars instead of trying to make all your profit on a single customer.

With competitive prices, you will certainly win new customers and also bring customers back. If your prices are too high for a single job, you’ll have a hard time retaining that customer and it can affect your reputation.

You are in business to make a profit. Your prices should always cover the costs of the job plus a profit margin on top. However, make it easy and transparent for customers to understand your pricing ranges on different services. This way, the customer will be satisfied and will feel confident when visiting your shop for future repairs/

When your prices are excessive and unclear, the customer tends to feel unpleasant and they start sharing their bad experience. On top of losing the customer, it is possible that he may even post complaints online as negative reviews that may affect your online reputation.

setting auto repair shop calendar reminders

8. Setting Service Reminders

Every vehicle has maintenance schedules that customers will want to maintain in order to keep a car in good mechanical conditions. A shop that can send reminders of its maintenance schedule offers a valuable service to its customers as they can better maintain the car. And you are also ensuring that that customer returns to the shop regularly.

This can be done with a simple mix of technology. If you want to do it manually, you can use Google Calendar and record each scheduled maintenance date with alerts so that an email can be sent. This is a simple way to do it that costs nothing.

9. Launch an Email Newsletter

The newsletter is an excellent tool to maintain constant communication with clients and prospects. With a little discipline, you can ask for the email addresses of all your shop customers and invite them to subscribe to the newsletter.

Periodically you can send them an email with a summary of the information you published on the Blog and possibly some promotions and offers for clients. With this newsletter, you keep yourself in the minds of your customers and prevent them from choosing another workshop for their repairs in a moment of need.

10. Text Notifications

Text message notifications are a very easy way to communicate with your customers. They are especially powerful for notifications that require customer action.

For example, when their car is ready. Both SMS and WhatsApp are easy to respond to and allow you to write communications with the customer. SMS typically has a very low cost that provides a very high return on your investment. You can earn your customers’ trust through open communication which may translate into more sales for your shop.

It is possible to increase the car count in your repair shop and boost your sales using simple techniques as we showed on this blog. By implementing these marketing tips you can certainly promote an auto repair business that can set your shop for success. Tip #5 is our Favorite on how to market an auto repair business

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