If you can get on the phone with me…

Then you can put your business back on the map

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried to grow your business before, but it just never works out. So you’re probably fairly skeptical about some “Ultimate Website Design” being the answer to finally be successful with your business.

But this Website Design + Strategy is different.


That’s because you get the essential components:

Discover the Master Entrepreneur in you

We’ll dive deep into your brain, to find all of those million dollar ideas you have inside. We will not only find them, but we will apply them into your small business strategy so you can grow your dream from the ground up, all with an Ultimate Web Design.

Checklists and Procedures

You will receive my online marketing procedures – the same step-by-step checklists I use to maintain my online presence. These 12 master checklists and procedures make it simple for anyone to take the right action to build traffic and produce sales.

Copy that Sells for you

You’re also getting my help on writing your website copy, that not only communicates the right message, but will be your best salesman that money can buy. You don’t have to stare at a blank page to get your message across, feeling lost on what to write. I’ll help you flow the ideas that will make you sell.

Let’s talk one-on-one

There’s no point on building a website if I don’t help you get the most out of it. Let’s get all your questions out of the way once in for all! We’ll grab the phone and get to know each other, and talk about your ideas and strategies for your business. Only by knowing you well I’ll be able to help you.

When you take action and order an Ultimate Website Design + Strategy you will discover:

That creating an online presence is not only hiring a web developer to build “a” website. We’ll dive deep into the successful strategies that successful companies are using to promote small businesses and to sell online. Understand how you can boost your profit right from your own products and experience you already have in your head – I promise, it’s a lot easier than you think! The secret on how to build traffic and a big e-mail list, fast, even if you know you have no connections and very few customers. How to create an “out of the box” brand and enhance it with the very best customer experience (the usual experience is no longer effective).

These are the same strategies I’ve used

to boost sales with website designs, that returned my clients’ investment in a matter of weeks, for businesses like: The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso, Horizon Group Properties, Abby’s Closet, 50Girl.com, ScorpionTrader.com, and several more small businesses… The very same secrets that allowed me to develop my brand and work with big dreamers like you…   And I’m positive these website strategy secrets will work for you!

Here’s what other people have said about my strategies:

For a couple of months I had been looking for someone to create a website for my store. I met Christian, and he was able to capture everything I wanted to share with my customers through my new website. I’ve been working with him for the past few weeks and everything he does is outstanding. In just 3 weeks of on-going consultation meetings with him, I made the return on my investment of my Ultimate Website! That’s amazing. DORA GARCIA

Owner, Abby's Closet

Christian is a multi-talented professional who brings great ideas and procedures to any marketing initiative. From organizing events to IT projects, he truly can handle it all. He is the go-to guy in our organization to get something taken care of. He is one of the most positive and motivated people I know; he brightens up a room with his personality. I highly recommend Christian to enhance any organization. Traci Chisholm

Practice Growth, DVMelite

Christian, Thank you for helping us establish ourselves in cyberspace!  I’m quite pleased with your approach in getting this website up and running in such a short timeline.  I had never used Trello, and  can see what a valuable tool it can be.  You were quick, professional and patient! Hector Enriquez

Owner, Mariachi Tapatio

Here’s exactly what you get with an Ultimate Website Design for Small Business:

  • A fully developed mobile-friendly website, designed for your small business, with a Strategy that sells for you
  • Built in the world’s most powerful Content Management Platform (CMS)…. WordPress (More affordable than custom coding)
  • Your very own ecommerce online store (You’ll be open for business 24x7!)
  • The reason why you shouldn’t continue to run your business without showing up on Google results.
  • The strange truth about how your big smile directly affects your ability to succeed in life!
  • How the big gurus can accomplish to grow a business empire, without having to go through the sweat and blood you go through every day!
  • My proven 5-step strategy for boosting your profit by increasing your online presence – it’s as simple as 12345!
  • And I’ll even show you how to analyze and learn how to take decisions based on data in less than 30-minutes – not only is it possible, it’s easier to do it this way!
  • The counter intuitive secrets website designers and online marketers know, but never tell you about hiring a web developer and letting you go on your own once the website is done. You deserve beyond what a “web developer” can do for you.

And that is only the beginning.

After we launch your brand new Ultimate Website Design and you have done your homework, what once appeared dark and mysterious will suddenly become clear and easy! 

Right about now, if I were you, there would be one question on my mind…

How Much Does It Cost?

You’re smart. You looked around and you know that other website designers sell for thousands and thousands of dollars. In fact, I recently got a quote from an agency for an e-commerce website design for $15,000. (Seriously!) And I truly believe that by now you can see it would be worth that much to finally grow your business, profit from your products and experience, accomplish your dreams, and begin living the life you’ve ever wanted, with stability for you and your family.

In fact, I believe it’s worth a multiple of those other products, if only because of the fact that together, we will build a strong and high conversion website so you can enjoy the online presence you deserve. 

Think about this…

If the only thing an Ultimate Website Design+ Strategy did was to finally get your business online… it would be worth $15,000, yes?

If the only thing an Ultimate Web Design + Strategy did was to get you inside the club, to finally break into the “Master Mind” of successful online marketers… it would be worth $10,400, yes?

If the only thing an Ultimate Web Design + Strategy  did was to give you a formula to create a marketing system that will set your brand and will sell for you… it would be worth $10,000, yes?

If the only thing an Ultimate Web Design + Strategy did was to guide you with the procedures and checklists, on how to write your copy to sell… it would be worth $10,000, yes?

If the only thing an Ultimate Web Design + Strategy did was to step you out of your comfort zone, by getting rid of your fears, and give you a solid plan for success… it would be worth $10,000, yes?

The good news is that an Ultimate Web Design + Strategy  does every single one of those things, and more!

But I’m not even going to think about asking you to pay $15,000.

In fact, it won’t even cost you $10,000.

Because when you take action now

And schedule a FREE CONSULTATION, your total investment will be less than any of these big numbers. Plus, I’ll guide you so you can keep working on your strategy and be as successful as you want. The reason why my websites are inexpensive is simple: I don’t want money to stand in the way… I understand your situation, I’ve been there too…. I also want to get to know your master mind and the value I bring to you. Maybe you’ll want to take our business relationship to the next level, and invest on keeping me in your team, guiding you along the way.

When You Act Now, You Also Get “Online Advertising Secrets for Small Business” 100% FREE!

This ebook will help you accomplish the highest traffic for your buck, without risking your budget. Plus: You’ll have the inside track on how to avoid the top 10 Facebook Ads mistakes that can destroy your plans and dreams – and how to make yourself bulletproof from making these mistakes You get the lowdown on how to launch successful Google Campaigns without breaking your bank account (Oh yeah, this is possible!) The surprising secrets of Analyzing your Campaign results by doing the total opposite of what everyone else is doing!

Don’t even make up your mind right now. Just go ahead and schedule our Call today, and let’s talk. Take 30 days of your brand new website. If, for any reason, you are not 100% delighted with your new Ultimate Web Design… – if you don’t get marketing system to build your online presence … if you don’t enjoy boosting your profit… and if you don’t agree that you get all the benefits I’ve been explaining, and even more … then simply e-mail me at [email protected], I’ll revise your efforts to make sure you did your part and that in fact it didn’t work. If this is the case, I’ll make you a 100% refund.   And, just as a way of saying thank you for trying out an Ultimate Web Design + Strategy, you get to KEEP and use whatever strategy we have started after our one-on-one call! I think you’ll agree, that’s pretty solid offer…

When you schedule a Free Consultation, you get Online Advertising Secrets free – Act now!

100% Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our New Website as a Service Packages

Forget about big upfront investments. Our web design packages allow affordable 12 low monthly payments.

Save 20% when paid upfront!

Need my skills in your business team?

I would love to help you even more and form part of your online marketing team!

The Nuts and Bolts Add-on

Don’t hassle with your Website! I can backup and restore if anything happens, can make unlimited small changes to your site, plus add security to avoid future problems. $67/month

SEO Guru Add-on

On-going Search Engine Optimization to be found on Search Engines, PLUS monitoring of online reviews on sites like yelp and google plus. $399/month

The Consultant Add-on

Strategy implementation to capture more customers’ emails, full report on where your customers are coming from and how to target them better, PLUS Social Media recommendations based on your current activities. $699/month

Website Additional Options

Bilingual Website

Communicate effectively to your customers with an English-Spanish bilingual website. I will personally translate it for you and make sure it make sense (No google translator!). Reach the growing Hispanic market with your website. Starting at $799

Website Hosting

Website Hosting is included in any of the Website Design Packages I offer. They all include the entry level hosting. If you need to upgrade for more storage space and more monthly visits, I do offer bigger hosting packages. With my hosting service you get my free assistance and support on any issues you may run into. Can’t beat it! Starting at $7.99/month

Stock Photos

Need professional pictures for your website or social channels? Hopefully you know that using photos from Google can get you in trouble! I’ll help you look for the perfect image that will deliver your message more accurately, at great prices! Most stock photos sites sell each picture for $30+, besides the hours it takes to find the right picture! $7/photo

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Something About me

Let’s be clear upfront. I’m not a super guru programmer, but I’m a great modern designer with a Marketing Background. I’ll make sure you get a design that will work for your customers and will sell for you. I’m very transparent and honest with my clients, so I expect them to be honest with me too. Check out my About page to get to know me a little better.

What’s the process to get a Web Design?

I need to get to know you and your business! So let’s take the conversation offline, on a one-on-one free consultation call. Just you and me. Then, we’ll figure out all your problems and how I can help you solve them. If I’m the right fit for the job, we’ll get started with research about your target market. Then we’ll master craft the copy for the website. And lastly, we’ll incorporate everything in a beautiful web design.

What do you need from me?

I need BIG Commitment from you. I only work with people that are serious about their business. To ensure you are committed to the project, and you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, I’ll send you an invoice for 50% of the investment as upfront payment. I only work with people that are serious about this and that are interested on my help. So if this is an issue, then I’m not probably the right Marketing Architect for you.


I know it’s easy for you to suggest changes to the design once I have it ready for you. Many clients like to keep adding  information, or more pictures, or changing things around… YOU’LL HAVE TO TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. All my designs are based on marketing and user experience strategies that I know will work for your business. I welcome any feedback from you, and I promise I’ll find a way to make your idea work  while still using my strategies.

Do you offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Absolutely! Your website will show up on search results on all the different search engines. However, for optimal SEO results, I recommend checking out my marketer add-on, where I’m constantly optimizing your website while being in communication with you.

Do you offer Web Hosting?

You don’t have to worry, your web design package includes Free Hosting for the 1st year!

Do you offer a domain name (ex. .com)?

I don’t. Domain names can vary greatly on prices depending on the words using. For this reason, I recommend acquiring domain names from sites like GoDaddy.com or Arvixe.com

What is the price for an Ultimate Website Design?

Tricky question. Let’s schedule a free call between you and me, and we’ll go over your needs and how I can solve them. Until then, we’ll know if I’m the right fit for you and the investment of the project.

How long does an Ultimate Web Design takes?

Every project is different, but quality and perfection are not done in 1 day. Web designs take from 6 to 8 weeks to fully implement and have them ready to launch. But I promise it’ll be worth the wait!

Do you have any payment plans?

Yes I do! I want to help you start your online presence, so payment plans are available on a case-to-case basis, so once we discuss your project, we’ll be able to discuss payment plans.