Local Citations For Car Dealerships

You’ve probably heard of local citations before, is nothing new. But when doing search optimization specifically for car dealerships, not all local directories will have the same impact. This is another great example that quality is better than quantity. In this article, we’ll show you what are citations, why they matter, and the exact citations we use for all our clients’ dealerships to boost their visibility and gain market share.

The quality of the directory combined with the industry they focus on is what Google likes. This means that an automotive local directory will have a great impact than a generic global directory. Let’s review this in much more depth and share with you our list of top local directory citations for car dealerships.

More and more car buyers are spending most of their time researching a vehicle online than at the dealership. This means they’re heavily relying on online search, YouTube videos, and more importantly when it comes time to shop they search for dealers locally. The reality is that local search has become a critical component of digital marketing for customer experience.

Local Citations for Car Dealerships

Why Local Citations for Car Dealerships?

Directory sites for car dealerships are often overlooked as a digital marketing channel but can effectively bring in new customers. Many car dealerships have their websites and vehicles for sale, but their local presence might be missing the mark losing market share to other dealers in the area.

Leveraging your local presence to drive traffic to your dealership’s site is a great way to drive new customers to your lot without investing a lot of money into traditional digital marketing channels. You can use local directories to boost your local online presence and attract new customers.

If you’re in the car business industry, you know that an effective local SEO strategy is essential for growing your business. But when you’re trying to find the best local citations for your dealership, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

What Are Local Citations?

Local citations are commonly known as directory listings. There are literally thousands of online directories where car dealerships can list their business for customers to find it and to help with your online presence. However, the quality of each directory may have a positive or negative impact on your visibility. Here’s why.

Why Do Google Trust Local Citations?

Search engines provide a list of relevant results based on what the searcher is looking for. Relevance is one of the many ranking factors in how those results are shown to the searcher. It is crucial for Google to understand your brand and your website very well to find it more relevant than your competitors, hence ranking higher for car dealership keywords.

Local listings help with relevance and trust, which is why Google trusts many of them as authoritative data. When we look at global well-known directories like Yelp, Manta, Bing Places, Facebook, and many more, we are analyzing directories that apply to every business category. These directories have every business category listed from bakeries, to attorneys, to dealerships. These general directories help Google verify your business address and the validity of your online presence.

Best Local Citations for Car Dealerships

Now that you have the foundational knowledge of what citations are and how they can help your dealership, let’s look at what we consider the best local citations you should be creating for your automotive brand based on your country.

Car Dealership Local Citations in US

AppleGoogle Business ProfilePages 24
Bell CanadaHotfrogTomTom
BrownbookInfo is InfoUber
FacebookMy Local ServicesWhere to
Find OpenNextdoorYelp

Car Dealership Local Citations in Canada

AcompioGoogle Business ProfileTomTom
Bell CanadaiGlobalWand
BINGInfo is InfoWaze
BrownbookMantaWhere To
Find OpenOpendi
FoursquareShow Me Local

Best Niche Local Citations for Automotive

When we switch gears and we look at niche local citations specifically within the automotive industry, these carry much more value and strength to your local citations strategy. Although the authority of these niche citations is not as high as Yelp or Facebook, the relevance makes up for it. We have seen that Google appreciates high authority citations to validate your business data, but the relevance you get from automotive niche citations helps Google trust your site in the industry even more.

Cars and BidsFree
Car Dealers USAFree
Dealership NetFree
Just Good CarsFree
Auto MDPaid
Car GurusPaid
Classic CarsPaid
Cars for SalePaid
Car StoryPaid
Auto Sales DirectoryPaid
Grow with CarsPaid
Auto TraderPaid

Local Citation Checker

The next thing you may be wondering is, which ones do you already have and which other ones you may be missing? That’s easy to figure out! Simply enter your car dealership name below and our fully automated app will perform a local citation audit of your entire brand and tell you which listings you already have and which ones you may be missing.

Local Citation Services

Creating and managing local citations it’s a great tactic to boost your visibility but it can become a full-time job on its own. Just imagine going directory by directory, signing up, claiming your profile, and optimizing each one of them… Times 100! Is how much time it takes for you to manually create local citations for a car dealership. Luckily, we can help! With Woobound Listings, we can automate the entire process for you. Simply add your business information and the app does the rest. Woobound Listings connects with all the top citation publishers in the world via API, and within a few minutes, publishes your data across the internet! Contact us for a demo on Woobound Listings.

The bottom line is that local citations have been a part of SEO since the beginning of time. They’re still relevant and more than ever, an important piece of your local strategy.

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