Online Marketing for Small Business

We provide the most advanced online marketing services available for small business. Our office is located in El Paso TX but our clients are all over the US.

Online Marketing Services

Web Design

Your very own wordpress website platform, designed and customized for your business needs.

Website Maintenance

Don’t hassle with your Website! We will backup and restore if anything happens, can make unlimited small changes to your site, plus add security to avoid future problems.

Ultimate SEO

Ultimate on-going Search Engine Optimization SEO to allow customers to find you on search engines, PLUS we will monitor your online reviews on sites like yelp and google plus.

Consultant Add-on

Strategy implementation to capture more customers’ emails, full report on where your customers are coming from and how to target them better, PLUS Social Media recommendations based on your current activities.

Social Media Management

We Take Care of your Social Media. Have you tried to manage 3 social media accounts at the same time? What type of results did you get out of it? How much time did it take you every week to write content and be constantly posting on each channel? We will manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts!

Website Hosting

Website Hosting is included in any of the Website Design Packages I offer. They all include the entry level hosting. If you need to upgrade for more storage space and more monthly visits, I do offer bigger hosting packages. With my hosting service you get my free assistance and support on any issues you may run into. Can’t beat it!

Bilingual Transaltion to English-Spanish

Communicate effectively to your customers with an English-Spanish bilingual website. I will personally translate it for you and make sure it make sense (No google translator!). Reach the growing Hispanic market with your website.

Advanced Website Analytics

Most of website owners doesn’t realize that Google Analytics are not efficient and effective anymore… With so many spam crawlers visiting your website, they are affecting your stats and reports. Crawlers are hitting your websites several times a week, with no intention at all to buy from you, just affecting your numbers. We have a solution for you! A new web analytics platform, more accurate and advanced than Google Analytics.

Advanced Wordpress Mobile Friendly Design

A fully developed mobile-friendly website, designed for your small business, with a Strategy that sells for you. Built in the world’s most powerful Content Management Platform (CMS)…. WordPress (More affordable than custom coding).

Smart Marketing

We provide the friendliest and easiest marketing services available for your small business. Our office is located in El Paso TX, but thanks to the wonderful tools we have, we can work with any client anywhere in the US.

Special Marketing Consultation Offer

We want to help you for free, either you hire us or not, we can schedule a consultation meeting, share some marketing ideas for you to start increasing your online strategy and go from there!
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