TOP 19 Ways to Attract More Patients to Your Medical Practice

Marketing is the life of any business, especially for medical practice offices. On average, a doctor should see anywhere from 30-50 new patients every month to be profitable and keep the lights of the business on. However, to attract new patients you need to make sure that new people are constantly hearing about your services and why they need to choose you vs. going with another medical practice.

We know it’s important to keep the relationship with your current patients, but it’s just as important to continue to grow and keep adding new patients into your practice. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is billboards, TV spots, and radio advertisement…. But that’s so inefficient and expensive, that won’t do much for your practice. Instead, we went out and talked to over 25 of our medical clients and asked them to share their best tip that has helped them grow their practice and add new patients every month. Here are their responses:

1 – Know your future clients, today!

Before you start getting your message out into the world, you first need to be very clear and understand who your current patients are. Take some time to go over your office records and figure out more about people you’ve helped in the past. You want to know their age, gender, profession and where they live. This information will help you find the best marketing techniques that will work best for your practice, save you a ton of money and time and make attracting new patients much easier.

2 – Train a rockstar team

Your staff is who interacts with every patient before they meet you. They are the first impression that can make or break a patient’s experience. So make sure you train your team to become rockstars and provide top-notch customer service to everybody that walks through the door. This includes to make sure they are well aware of pricing, equipment usage, how to address patients’ questions, etc.

3 – Build relationships with patients

Most medical practices spend more than 90% of their time and resources trying to capture new patients. However, keeping your existing patients happy through providing excellent service ensuring they come back and want to refer everyone they know to you is a much easier and cost-effective way to continue growing your practice. So make sure you’re following up with every patient!

4 – Have a mobile responsive website available

To attract new patients, having a modern and well-designed website is going to make your life so much easier. Most people use their phones to find anything online, including a medical practice. When people run into ugly websites that don’t work well on their phones, they leave your site immediately and never come back. So make sure you have relevant information they might need on it and make it look good.

5 – Provide value in a blog

Blogging is one of the most under-utilized techniques that has a tremendous return on your investment. Blog posts provide valuable information to possible patients. Patients appreciate free information and will pick somebody that has helped them in the past, without doubting their decision. So go ahead and publish some interesting articles around your practice that people need to know more about.

6 – Create contests

Contents can be a great way to create buzz around your business and let new people know about your existence. Think about doing giveaways or prizes in exchange of people talking about you to their friends on social media; this is the equivalent of good old traditional word of mouth that money can’t buy!

7 – Get plenty of online reviews

Having online reviews is going to boost your practice almost overnight. 86% of people make a decision based on reading reviews of other people’s experiences with a doctor. You can encourage your patients to share their testimonial online by providing them with freebies or incentives for them to do it. This is worth every penny that you can give away on discounts or free services.

8 – Be active in your community

It’s important that your community around you is well-aware that you exist. So think about opportunities to go out and educate people and expand your list of future patients. You can easily host an informational session at a school nearby on how to take care of their health or how they can prevent problems by scheduling regular check-up visits too. Parents will appreciate your free value and will now trust you and choose your practice over somebody else.

9 – Get active in Social Media

If your current patients are happy with you, they will more likely “like” or “share” your content to their friends. Your reach of potential new patients will boost right away if you do so. 5 minutes a day posting a picture or an interesting article can get you much faster results than spending $3,000 a month on a billboard.

10 – Monitor your brand online

Keep an eye online for both positive and negative reviews. We’ve seen that when you discover negative reviews and you address them properly, you can avoid a catastrophe that could cost you a lot of patients to leave you or never even try you once. The more positive reviews you collect, the more new patients will be attracted to you.

11 – Stay current with tech trends

As millennials continue to grow and be the biggest market for your medical office, you need to stay current with the technology you offer them. Maybe if you allow them to book their first appointment online, you might capture new patients that disliked the idea of having to call you on the phone to schedule. At the same time, if you can save them a trip by sharing their lab results on your website, they will love your service and refer you to their close friends.

12 – Be adaptable

Ensure that you are well staffed at all moments. If you start seeing an increase in the number of patients, make sure you have enough staff to provide the best service possible. The worst you can have is an over-booked waiting room and people waiting to see you for more than 6 hours. We can guarantee this will be shared as a negative review online!

13 – Provide the best service

The only way that patients will refer you to others, is if they loved the service they received by your staff. You and your team need to show care and interest in every single patient that comes to you. Your manners and the look of your office are extremely important to your patients, so take care of them as well.

14 – Be available for them

Make sure that your office hours and availability works well for your patients. If you know they are only available after 6 pm, don’t close your office at 5pm. Instead, shift your schedule so you can ensure you can provide service when your patients are available to visit you.

15 – Get referrals

Patients won’t refer you to their friends or family, unless you ask them to do so. The simplest way to get new patients tomorrow, is to ask people who already trust you to refer you to somebody else that can use your service. If they’re happy with you, they will love to do it for you.

16 – Be known as a referrer

Creating and nurturing relationships with other doctors is a win-win situation. Other doctors will be interested in referring patients to you if you’ve been sending them patients in the past. Just make sure you refer your patients to trustworthy doctors who won’t burn your trust down.

17 – Send reminders

People are extremely busy nowadays, so having a great reminder system in place is going to ensure that your patients don’t forget about their upcoming appointment and will save you a tremendous amount of time.

18 – Email your patients once in a while

Sending email to your current patients might not be the most personal thing to do, but it’s definitely a great way to keep your practice in their mind and remind them about coming back to you on a regular basis.

19 – Local SEO

Make sure SEO is in your list of priorities so that your practice shows up in local search results when potential clients are looking for your services. Being at the top of search results will be the key for long-term growth of your practice.

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