Unveiling Google’s Most Exciting Reveals at Google Marketing Live Event!

Podcast Transcript:

  Did Google really kill ads on Google’s new AI overviews? Because when Google AI overviews were presented, there was zero mention of ads. But no, the short answer is no, they probably will never do that. And that’s why Google Marketing Live 2024 happened a few days ago. And they revealed what the new version or new quote unquote, new features of their Google ads look like in AI overview.

So in this video, let’s talk about what you need to know about all the new things that are coming to Google ads.

Hey, welcome back to Local SEO Unlocked. My name is Christian Hustle. Pleasure to have you here. If you’re new to the channel or if you’re coming back, consider hitting that like button, hit that subscribe button underneath as well. As we talk about Google Ads and AI overviews, because when Google AI overviews were, was launched a few weeks ago, I talked about it and the first thing that popped in my mind was like, where are the ads?

No ads? What’s going on? So Google Marketing Live looks like they were holding back on the details because they had an event for this. Google Marketing Live just went out a few, about a week ago, and this was their presentation and all things. Ads in their ai results now. It was a very interesting one I’m gonna go over a few things that I want you to be aware of what’s coming You know and and what not really not a lot of shocking things to be honest But the one thing that I was very curious about I mean obviously it was an hour and a half video that I had to sit and watch and it was surprising to me how many times they mentioned how They have been doing AI for the longest than any other company out there and how they know it so well, and really giving this passive aggressive sense of like, we’ve been doing AI for the longest.

We are the experts at it. I thought that was kind of weird, but at the end of the day, the focus on all the things on, on ads, on AI, it was really focused on shopping. So for all of us who are heavily involved in local, it was not, there’s not a lot for us, but. I do want to mention that, you know, they focus a lot on, on this being a new era.

by AI, how their new features are basically going to be able to create ads for you. Uh, you know, they mentioned a few features where you give it a picture and it can create an animated video for you or a product in 3d 360 view. Which I thought it was pretty cool. They also mentioned a lot about how their, their AI is going to be able to also help you measure and optimize campaigns based on the knowledge and traffic and, and client interaction with your ads, which, I mean, it sounds promising, but again, everything, the whole session was very focused into shopping and e commerce.

They were showing Google Lens where like you get your phone, you take a picture of a product. And how it goes and find stores that carry that product for you to shop Which we work with a lot of automotive and I would be very curious if we can literally go and take a picture of a car And see if we could get some results, huh?

Taking a note of that one that might be a future video to try now talking more specific They did bring up the what we call local max performance campaigns These are campaigns on google ads that basically let you run ads on google maps youtube gmail Across a variety of platforms at a local level when people are searching for your products and services now It wasn’t 100 clear if the name is changing or this is a new offering, but they’re calling it power pair Which apparently they were super excited about the name And the promise here is that this is going to be one of their strongest ROI at the local level for search and performance campaigns.

Again, there wasn’t a lot of detail so I don’t even know if this is really a new offering or it’s just a fancy new name for One of the products that continues to keep changing their names over the last several years But I would be curious to see and let me know in the comments if you are trying or what’s your experience with local max Performance ads I’m a big fan, right?

Because I guess the reason it’s always had positive our eyes because of the cost being so low I mean, you know with very low budget you can get hundreds of thousands of impressions and phone calls and things like that We’ve had great success with them And But I just don’t know if this is this power pair is really a new offering Or is it just a new way to you know, give it a new name because there’s going to be some You know now your ads are going to show up in ai overviews as well.

That’s why it deserves a new name I mean i’m inclining towards that later option to be honest or rather than a brand new offering But we’re definitely going to give it a try We’re going to keep you up to date on our findings and see what that looks like Again, this was all just released so we don’t have any experience yet running it for our clients The other interesting thing was YouTube ads.

They mentioned that vertical assets perform better for YouTube ads. That’s something interesting It’s something that obviously depends a lot on on how your users are watching if they’re on tv Obviously horizontal videos are going to perform better, but they’re talking about videos on youtube shorts with YouTube shorts is really their version of trying to compete with tiktok And obviously they’re saying, you know vertical assets that are going to be full screen on your phone Perform 40 percent better or have better 40 percent better view through rate than a horizontal Which makes total sense to be honest and really that’s those are my key takeaways again Not a lot on the local side.

I think just power pair is really the one that i’m curious about to test and try Ideally is to have ads On those ai and they get this google ai overview answer Now you can place ads in there, which will be interesting again. I’ll keep you posted Let’s see where that goes. But with that, thank you so much for watching again Hit that subscribe button share with a colleague We have tons of episodes coming to local seo unlocked and I wouldn’t like for you to miss any of them Right.

So with that I will see you on the next episode

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