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Anti Cookie-Cutter SEO for Auto Repair Shops

Discover the possibilities of working with a top SEO agency for Auto Repair Shops that has specialized in the industry for years. Move the needle faster with tactics we know work best.

Our SEO strategies start with Local SEO. We’ve created a unique roadmap to boost the calls, traffic, and visits to your dealership from Google Maps.

Our goal is to set you apart from other dealerships in your area.

We know how valuable search visibility is for auto dealerships. After analyzing hundreds of possibilities, we understand what it takes to get you to the top of search results to be able to drive more leads into your dealership.
By leveraging the advantages of organic search traffic, we focus on highly searched terms that can return a positive ROI, boost your leads, sales, and help you succeed.
seo for auto repair shops
Customized SEO

Unique SEO Strategies for Auto Repair Centers

  • Grow market share by leveraging organic auto repair shops SEO.
  • Local SEO to target searches happening around a specific market maximizing Google Maps (GMB) visibility.
Lead Tracking

Track Every SEO Lead

  • Track the performance and results of every campaign separately, with lead tracking and advanced attribution to evaluate campaigns’ ROI.
  • Attribute forms, phone calls, and in-store visits to landing pages or digital campaigns.
  • Grow your potential customer list for remarketing purposes.

Campaigns Built Around Goals

  • Improve online visibility
  • Increase views of VDPs
  • Boost amount of leads, phone calls, and in-store traffic
  • Grow your lead database via transparent reporting

Live SEO Dashboard Reporting

Easy to use and to navigate, 24/7 live dashboard to track all your metrics from your SEO campaign.

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Backlink Reports
  • SEO Site Audits
  • Leads from SEO & Google Maps
Boost Visibility and Sales

Proven SEO for Auto Repair Shops

1. Industry Knowledge

By specializing in marking for the automotive industry, we have access to insights, tools, and proprietary tactics that we have proven to work for the last several years.

2. Full Transparency

We guide you step by step throughout your SEO campaign so you're in the known every step of the way. Transparency is very important to us and is our main driver.

3. True Partnerships

We value every single one of our partners. For that reason, we guarantee exclusivity in your market so we respect your success and we help you stand out.

Top-Rated SEO for Auto Repair

Our SEO for Auto Repair Shops have worked with the largest brands in the industry.

Our specialty in Auto Repair SEO allows us to fully understand the industry to help you better.
  • We understand what tactics work
  • We know which keywords convert
  • We know how to get the results you want, faster

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