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109% More Phone Calls From Google Maps for Automotive Center in Austin, Texas

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Case Study: Revving Up Visibility for an Austin Automotive Repair Center with Woobound Marketing


In the heart of Austin, Texas, an automotive repair center was struggling to make its mark in the local market. Despite providing top-notch service and having a team of experienced mechanics, the center was facing challenges in attracting new customers, primarily due to its lackluster online presence, especially on Google Maps. In a city teeming with automotive repair options, standing out was crucial.


The repair center partnered with Woobound Marketing to enhance its online visibility and attract more local customers. A preliminary audit revealed that the center’s Google Maps listing was underperforming, significantly affecting its ability to be found by potential customers. In a digital age where online search predominates customer discovery, this gap in their marketing strategy was costing them valuable business opportunities.


Woobound Marketing embarked on a tailored Google Maps optimization strategy, leveraging our unique “recipe” for enhancing local search visibility. Our comprehensive approach focused on several key areas:

  • Google Business Profile Optimization: We fine-tuned the repair center’s Google Business Profile (GBP), ensuring accurate and compelling information, from business hours to services offered, and leveraged high-quality images.
  • Local SEO Practices: Implementing targeted local SEO techniques, we optimized the repair center’s website for Austin-specific automotive repair searches, aligning web content with local search trends.
  • Customer Reviews and Engagement: Recognizing the power of social proof, we developed a strategy to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, responding promptly to all feedback to boost engagement and trust.
  • Strategic Keyword Use: We incorporated locally relevant keywords into the Google Business Profile and solicited posts, enhancing visibility for Austin-based searches related to automotive repair.


The optimization efforts led to remarkable growth in the repair center’s online visibility and customer engagement metrics:

automotive center case study

Google Maps Impressions:

An organic increase of +133%, demonstrating significantly improved visibility in local search results.

Traffic from Google Maps:

Traffic to the repair center’s website via Google Maps listings soared by +116%, indicating higher engagement from potential customers.

Incoming Calls:

Most importantly, the center experienced a +109% increase in incoming calls, a direct indicator of heightened customer interest and intent to engage services.


The strategic partnership between the automotive repair center and Woobound Marketing underscored the critical importance of optimized Google Maps listings in the digital discovery of local businesses. Through targeted local SEO efforts and GMB optimization, the repair center not only enhanced its visibility in Austin’s competitive market but also saw a significant uptick in customer engagement and business inquiries. This case study is a testament to Woobound Marketing’s expertise in navigating the local digital landscape to drive tangible results for our clients.

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hyundai success story from woobound marketing

156% More Organic Traffic for Hyundai Dealership

hyundai success story from woobound marketing

Case Study: Steering Organic Growth for a Hyundai Dealership with Woobound Marketing


A Hyundai dealership located in a bustling city was grappling with a familiar yet daunting challenge: declining visibility in a saturated market led to decreasing vehicle views, waning market share, and ultimately, a drop in sales. This decline was happening despite having a competitive edge in product offerings and customer service. The dealership’s existing marketing efforts were not cutting through the digital noise, necessitating a strategic pivot to reclaim and expand its market presence.


Upon engaging with the dealership, Woobound Marketing embarked on a thorough audit of the dealership’s online footprint and market share. It quickly became evident that the dealership’s struggle largely stemmed from an underperforming digital presence, particularly in organic search traffic. This deficiency in organic visibility was significantly impacting potential customer engagement and lead generation, undermining the dealership’s sales efforts.


Understanding the critical role of organic search in driving high-quality leads and sales, Woobound Marketing crafted a comprehensive, SEO-focused strategy aimed at propelling the Hyundai dealership to the forefront of organic search results. Our approach was multi-pronged, addressing immediate needs while laying a foundation for sustained growth:

  • SEO Optimization: We overhauled the dealership’s website with SEO best practices, focusing on keyword optimization, site structure, and mobile responsiveness to improve rankings.
  • Content Marketing: Recognizing the power of content, we developed and executed a robust content strategy that included blogs, infographics, and videos centered around key consumer search intents related to Hyundai vehicles and automotive services.
  • Local SEO: Given the local nature of the dealership’s business, we enhanced their local SEO presence through Google Business Profile optimization, local citations, and targeted local content, ensuring they stood out in local search queries.


The strategic focus on organic growth delivered transformative results for the Hyundai dealership, reshaping their digital landscape:

Organic Traffic: Saw a remarkable increase of +156%, making organic search the leading source of website traffic.

seo organic traffic case study for hyundai

Lead Generation: Organic traffic not only grew in volume but also in quality, becoming the #1 source of leads on a monthly basis. This shift not only validated the effectiveness of the SEO and content marketing strategies but also underscored the dealership’s newfound digital prowess.

organic traffic generating the most leads


The partnership between the Hyundai dealership and Woobound Marketing highlights the undeniable impact of a targeted, SEO-driven marketing strategy in the automotive industry. By prioritizing organic growth, the dealership not only overcame its initial challenges but also established a dominant online presence that continues to drive sales and lead generation. This case study serves as a testament to Woobound Marketing’s commitment to delivering sustainable results through strategic digital marketing expertise.

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How Woobound Transformed a Ford Dealership’s Online Presence

110% More Leads in 6 Months – Ford Dealership

How Woobound Transformed a Ford Dealership’s Online Presence

Case Study: Driving Success for a Ford Dealership with Woobound Marketing


A prominent Ford Dealership was facing significant challenges in Q3 2023. Despite a competitive product lineup and a strong commitment to customer service, the dealership saw a worrying trend: vehicle views were plummeting, market share was being lost to local competitors, traffic was on the decline, and, most critically, sales were dropping. The dealership’s existing marketing strategies were failing to make an impact in a highly competitive digital landscape.


Upon partnering with the Ford dealership, we conducted a comprehensive audit of their local market share and online visibility. We identified a critical gap in their online presence — a lack of a cohesive lead generation strategy that was significantly impacting traffic, inventory views, and ultimately, sales. The dealership needed a turnaround, and they needed it fast, without increasing their existing marketing budget.


Woobound Marketing’s approach was multifaceted and rooted in a deep understanding of the automotive market and digital marketing landscape. Keeping the dealership’s budget constraints in mind, our team devised a detailed strategy focused on increasing online visibility, improving lead generation, and driving sales. Key initiatives included:

    • Social Media Exposure: We launched targeted campaigns on social media platforms to drive both new and used inventory customers to the dealership’s website.
    • Google Maps Optimization: Recognizing the importance of local search, we optimized the dealership’s Google Maps listing, enhancing visibility on Google, Bing, and Apple Maps.
    • Retargeting Campaigns: To maximize the efficiency of our efforts, we implemented and continually optimized retargeting campaigns to engage potential customers across the web.


The impact of our strategic interventions was nothing short of remarkable. In just six months, the dealership witnessed transformational growth in several key performance indicators (the comparison was 6 months of working with us vs the prior 6 months):


Saw an increase of +123% from the same ad budget, demonstrating vastly improved ad efficiency and reach.

ford dealership case study
ford dealership marketing success case study

Traffic to Vehicle Listings:

Experienced a +124% surge in traffic to both new and used vehicle listings, indicating heightened interest and engagement from potential buyers.

Traffic to Vehicle Listings results from case study

Sales Calls:

Increased by +150%, a clear indicator of rising buyer interest and intent. This was tracked using Woobound Lead Tracker on all inbound sales calls only (no service, parts, or any other department)

sales leads for automotive case study

Organic Traffic:

Grew by +110% from search engines, underscoring the effectiveness of our SEO and local search optimization efforts.

organic visits case study ford

+110% Car Buying Leads:

Most importantly, the dealership saw a remarkable +110% increase in leads within the first six months of our partnership.

total conversions ford case study


The partnership between the Ford Dealership and Woobound Marketing showcases the power of strategic digital marketing in the automotive industry. Despite operating within the constraints of the dealership’s existing budget, our tailored approach not only reversed the negative trends but set the dealership on a path to unprecedented growth. This case study exemplifies our commitment to acting as a white-glove partner to our clients, driving tangible results through expertise, innovation, and strategic execution.

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kia success story from woobound marketing

How Woobound Transformed a KIA Dealership Online Presence

kia success story from woobound marketing


At Woobound, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional SEO strategies that drive tangible results for our clients. In this case study, we will take a closer look at how our team helped a KIA dealership achieve remarkable improvements in their online visibility, organic traffic, and conversions within a span of just six months. Through our data-driven approach and expertise in automotive marketing, we were able to deliver exceptional outcomes that exceeded the client’s expectations. We helped a KIA dealership achieve remarkable improvements in their online visibility, organic traffic, and conversions within a span of just six months.

Client Overview:

Our client, a KIA dealership, approached Woobound seeking assistance in improving their online performance. They were looking to increase their website’s visibility, drive more organic traffic, and ultimately boost conversions. With a competitive market and a limited budget, our team recognized the unique challenges that lay ahead. However, armed with our expertise and a strategic plan, we were confident in our ability to achieve the client’s goals.

Strategy and Execution:

  • Enhancing Organic Search Performance: We conducted a comprehensive SEO audit to identify areas for improvement. Through extensive keyword research and optimization, we strategically targeted relevant keywords that aligned with the client’s offerings. On-page optimization, content refinement, and technical SEO improvements were implemented to enhance the website’s visibility on search engines.
  • Google Ads Optimization: With the client’s limited budget in mind, we focused on maximizing the efficiency of their Google Ads campaigns. We conducted thorough keyword research, refined ad copy, and optimized landing pages to improve relevancy and increase click-through rates. By continuously monitoring and optimizing the campaigns, we ensured that the client’s budget was utilized effectively to drive qualified traffic and conversions.


Organic Search Performance:

Google search impressions increased by an impressive 24%
    • Google search impressions increased by an impressive 24%, expanding the dealership’s online visibility.
ford dealership case study seo organic visits
    • Organic search visits experienced an 11% boost, bringing in more qualified traffic to the website.
ford dealership case study seo organic conversions
    • Organic conversions witnessed a significant 10% increase, translating into more leads and potential customers.

Google Ads Performance:

Traffic from Google Ads skyrocketed
    • Traffic from Google Ads skyrocketed, with a remarkable 336% increase compared to the previous period, all achieved within the same budget.
ford dealership case study google ads
    • Conversions from Google Ads saw an exceptional surge, reaching a remarkable 309% growth. This demonstrated the effectiveness of our optimization strategies in driving valuable actions from targeted audiences.


Through our partnership with the KIA dealership, Woobound delivered exceptional results that surpassed expectations. By implementing our proven SEO strategies and optimizing their Google Ads campaign. We achieved significant improvements in their online visibility, organic traffic, and conversions. Our data-driven approach, combined with our expertise in automotive marketing. It is enabled us to help the dealership achieve outstanding growth within a short span of six months. If you’re seeking to enhance your online presence and drive meaningful results, trust Woobound to be your dedicated SEO partner. Contact Woobound today to discover how our tailored SEO strategies can transform your automotive dealership’s digital performance, drive targeted traffic, and boost conversions.

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